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Mentorship Project

The mentorship program has been a special program and learning opportunity for women in APGF countries. 

Being an APGF Women’s Network Mentee opened my eyes. There are so many possibilities, and they are so close if you want to catch them! The Mentorship program has given me the skills and confidence to lead and advocate for what I believe. Thank you to my mentor, Keli Yen, and to the Mentoring program!

– Rachana Shrestha, former Mentee and APGF Women’s Network Secretary

Since 2018 the IDC – APGF Women’s Network Mentoring program has been activating the next generation of women leaders in our region. Our 15 mentee alumni stretch across the Asia-Pacific, united by their commitment to a just and sustainable future and eager to become agents for change in their countries and communities. Knowing the power and importance of female leaders and role models supporting the next generation of activists, our global network of accomplished women mentors passionately volunteer their wisdom supporting and inspiring our mentees to change the world.

Since the project’s inception we have seen mentees develop and become active in their political life, as candidates for elections, campaign managers, party leaders, and catalysts for parties’ growing female membership. With support from the Australian Greens International Development Committee, our mentors and mentees benefit from a suite of professional development trainings, resources including the APGFWN Gender Equity Toolkit, webinars from powerful women guests from across the world, and tailored support and development through their mentoring partnership. The program also helps mentees improve their knowledge and capacity to implement green policies and actions in all aspects of life, guided by the Women’s Network’s platform and the experience of their mentors.

Rachana Shrestha, from the Green Party of Nepal, became a Mentee in 2018. Through her strong relationship with her mentor, Global Greens Convenor Keli Yen, she gained the knowledge, skills and empowerment to become a leading advocate for women in Nepal and internationally. Since her time in the program, Rachana has been a candidate in Nepali elections, has led a number of APGF projects, is the current Secretary of APGF’s Women’s Network, and represents APGF to the Global Greens. She has become a Gender Equity Trainer, organising a training for Nepali women and assisted organising an international training in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

Rachana’s story shows the powerful effect mentorship can have when young women benefit from the skills, experience and wisdom of female leaders. And, the process is reinforcing. In 2021, the mentorship program will assist mentee alumni to set up mentoring programs in their own parties and countries.

With women supporting women, anything is possible, and we are excited to take the next step.

For more information, please contact our Mentoring Program Coordinator, Anita Nautiyal, at

For further information please read the article below from the Australian Greens newsletter regarding APGFWN current projects:

Supporting Gender Equity in

Asia-Pacific and Middle East Green parties

Women uniquely face key challenges of social, economic, and political inequity throughout the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. That’s why the Australian Greens’ work to motivate, support, inspire, and train women to step up to leadership roles is so critical.

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