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Greens2017 Keynote Speech: Christine Milne

Fellow Global Greens, 

Thank you for your warm welcome. After 30 years in Green politics, I cannot tell you how great it feels to be amongst such a dedicated group of Greens, of global citizens, representing the politics of hope, of unity and of love for humanity and the natural world.

Greens2017 Key Note Speech: Isabella Lövin


Dear friends,

I´m so happy to be here, among friends, in the global family of Greens.

However I have to tell you that all the Swedish Greens today are in mourning. Yesterday we received the horrible news that Zaida Catalan, former spokesperson of young Swedish Greens, lost her life in Congo Kinshasa where she worked for the UN, investigating human rights abuses and war crimes.

Greens2017 Key Note Speech: Sylvio Michel

Download the English translation (PDF) 

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen,

My friends, delegates

Please, allow me, for the sake of language diversity to use another language than English to express myself; that is French.

Greens2017 Opening: Margaret Blakers


On behalf of the Global Greens, welcome to Liverpool. This is actually the first Global Greens Congress we have held in the Northern Hemisphere. 

We are expecting altogether with the 4-in-1 Congress we are having, maybe even 2000 people from more than 90 countries who will travel to you by plane, train, car, bicycle, on foot and possibly some got in on their own steam. 

Greens2017 Opening: Monica Frassoni

Dear friends

Welcome to the 4th Global Greens Congress. Welcome to the biggest Global Greens event ever, with 2000 delegates coming from over 90 countries. These are humbling times for us Europeans.

Greens2017 Opening: Caroline Lucas


On behalf of the Green party of England and Wales, it is an enormous pleasure to welcome you all to Liverpool, to the Global Greens and the European Greens Congress.

Greens2017 in a nutshell

A video summary of the #Greens2017 Congress in Liverpool.

Greens2017 Closing: Keli Yen

I would like to build on what Amelia and Mar have said by speaking about the function of the Global Greens.

Greens2017 Closing: Mar Garcia

Dear friends,

I want to start by thanking all of you for making this Congress a great event. It has been a fantastic event and that is thanks to all of you. Thank you for your energy, discussions and engagement. There was a lot of work. 

The steering group knows it, having spent a lot of energy and time investing and preparing it. You are definitely worth it. 


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