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The Global Green Network list-serve is an email list for

1) appointed representatives of national Green Parties, whose parties are also

2) members of one of the Green Federations on the Earth (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas).

For more information about the Global Green Network list-serve, contact the list-manager.

Global Green Network Preamble and Statement of Purpose


"On the Global Green Network"

as approved at the meeting of the Global Greens Coordination in Berlin, Germany June 2002

The Global Greens Network (GGN) was established as a means of effective worldwide communication among Green parties and Movements.

Among the tasks of the GGN are:

1. To work together with the Green Party Federations in strengthening cooperation between Parties,

2. To promote the Global Green Charter and to further understanding of it among existing or new member parties, and

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