Our supporters

Our organisation and work is only possible because of the generous support provided by people and organisations across our region.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the contributions provided by elected Green representatives in our member parties, who contribute part of their salary to APGF and the Global Greens. We would like to extend this thanks to our member parties, who contribute a portion of all donations they receive to APGF.

Many of our projects would not be possible without the continued and generous support provided by the Australian Greens International Development Committee (IDC). We greatly appreciate the financial and capacity assistance IDC provides to APGF and its member parties through a grant provided by the Australian Government, and look forward to our continued collaboration.

We would also like to share our appreciation to Google. APGF uses Google Workspace (previously G Suite) for its communication, collaboration and document management services. Google has provided this service free of charge to APGF, and we are grateful for Google’s support to APGF and other non-profit organisations.

And, our sincere thanks to our individual donors! Your generosity and kindness in 2021 is a true gift that inspires us to fight for a better future. Thank you so much to:

Amanda McMullin
Angela Gill
Ann Fettes
Becc Galdies
Brian Dwyer
Bron Tong
Bronwyn Charlton
C Thornton
Catherine Delin
Chantelle Baistow
Claire Waghorn
Clea Eykelkamp
Clyde Lambourn
Cornelia Baumgartner
Daniel Wurm
David Evans
David Hodges
David Reid
Douglas Hendry
Elizabeth Ward
Fred Okuma
Glen Philpott
Gwen Shaw
Honey Nelson
Hugh Lusk
Ian Shearer
Ian Woolley
James Fraser
Jan Harland
Jennifer Simons
Joan and Peter Selby Smith
John Blundell
John Friend-Pereira
John Gilmour
Jonathan Gobbett
Jonathan Mason
Kate Green
Keiko Ogata
Kieu Gavin
Kit Withers
Koei Sakata
Lars Lindahl
Lathalia Song
Lilian Grobet
Linda Marshall
Lloyd Morris
Margaret Atkin
Margaret Galdies
Martin Ball
Masaaki Nagakura
Michael Little
Mike Foale
Natalie Wells
Nick Henry
Nicola Page
Pamela Collett
Paul Cooper
Paul Hellard
Paula Holden
Peter Cranston
Peter Logan
Peter Watson
Philippa Rowland
Prue Searle
Quentin McDonald
Raine Shirley
Rayna Fahey
Reiko Kondo
Rhonda Joyce
Richard Arnold
Richard Donaghey
Richard Mount
Richard Simmonds
Robert Pulie
Robin Gardner
Robin Rawson
Ross Domney
Ross Kingsley
Ruth Haig
Seamas McCaffrey
Shamin Fernando
Sheryl Tapp
Sonja Deely
Steve Maluschnig
Stewart Jackson
Tae Hwang Chong
Trish Thornthwaite
Vivienne Glance
Yuriko Yamada

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