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Green candidate Marina Silva receives 20% of the vote in Brazilian elections

Marina Silva
Marina Silva

The extraordinary result obtained in the national elections in Brazil on Sunday the 3rd October by presidential candidate Marina Silva and the Green Party, demonstrates the increasing popularity of Green ideas and proposals in Brazil and around the world. Despite the popularity of outgoing President Lula, the Greens were able to obtain a sensational result and become one of the main political forces in this huge country. This is just one example that Green politics is becoming a strong political force not only in industrialized countries but also in developing countries across the globe.

The consistent stand of the Brazilian Greens in favor of social justice, the preservation of nature, against corruption and for more transparency; the exemplary and coherent performance of Marina Silva as former Environmental Minister; and the example given by Chico Mendez; have convinced almost 20 millions Brazilians that a sustainable economy offers the best solutions. The future sustainability and prosperity of Brazil, like that of other countries, depends on the creation of green jobs, the promotion of green technologies, a green forms of transport in the big cities and elsewhere, greater energy efficiency and the shift to low-carbon renewable energy production. At the same time the Greens have shown that they are a modern party, in favor of environmental friendly research and development, a health system for all that gives an important role to prevention, an education for all to improve the future of the next generations and assure equal opportunities.

With the spectacular results obtained in states as Rio de Janeiro (with figures above 30%), where it has become the second biggest vote getter, who ever the next Brazilian President is, the government will have to take into account the Green’s demands and proposals.

In the name of the Global Green Coordination and the 80 Green parties from all around the world that we represent, we send our warmest heartfelt congratulations to Marina Silva and the Brazilian Greens for this wonderful result. Like the recent Green successes in Australia and Japan your example is a great encouragement to Greens all around the world.

Global Greens, 6 October 2010

Marina Silva

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