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Global Greens call on Iranian regime to stop repression of peaceful protests

Iran election 2009
Iran election 2009

The Global Green Coordination has condemned in the strongest terms the brutal repression of broadly peaceful protests by the Iranian security forces in Tehran and other cities throughout Iran. The government in Iran, like everywhere else in the world, has a responsibility to respect the right of citizens to protest peacefully. The violence unleashed against protesters must cease immediately and there must be an impartial investigation into the behaviour of the security forces.

Those responsible for ordering and/or carrying out the shooting of protesters and other violence must be tried and punished. The many people, including key opposition politicians, who have been arrested and/or detained since the disputed election, must be immediately freed. Journalists should be guaranteed freedom of movement and access to the areas where protests are taking place.

The authorities must also stop trying to prevent news about the situation in Iran getting out by blocking satellite transmissions and internet access, cutting phone lines and blocking SMS messages. Because of the growing evidence of electoral fraud, the election must be declared null and void. A new election should be held under the supervision of international observers.

Global Greens, 19 June 2009

Iran election 2009

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