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Global Greens condemn violence in Peru

Bagua violence. Photo: powless
Bagua violence. Photo: powless

The Global Green Coordination has called for an independent investigation into the actions of police in the Amazonian region of Peru which resulted in at least 50 deaths. After the violence near the town of Bagua Grande, hundreds more people, mainly indigenous people, are missing and it is alleged that police have hidden hundreds of bodies. Indigenous people were protesting against new legislation which will mean their land can be exploited for oil and gas drilling.

We call on the government of President Alan Garcia to immediately stop all police actions against demonstrations by indigenous people. We also urge the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) to launch an independent investigation into the violence, just as it did after similar violence in Bolivia earlier this year. In that instance, UNASUR played a very important role in calming an extremely volatile situation and they could do so again in this case. It is also vital that the Peruvian authorities allow human rights organisations free access to the area where the clashes took place, so that a thorough assessment of what happened can be made.

The Global Greens also call on the international community to put all the pressure it can on the Peruvian Government so that it stops police violence against indigenous protesters and launches a thorough and independent investigation into the causes of the violence.

An important element of the pressure which could be brought to bear on Peru is related to trade agreements: in particular we call on the European Commission and Council to stop negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement with Peru (as well as Ecuador and Colombia) until an independent investigation has reached its conclusions and the people responsible for the violence have been tried and, if found guilty, been sentenced to punishment. In any case the present provisions of the Free Trade Agreement need to be radically changed taking into account the requests of the indigenous people.

Global Greens, 15 June 2009

Bagua violence. Photo: powless

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