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Résolution des Verts africains condamnant l'attaque violente contre les bureaux du Parti Ecologiste Congolais (PECO)

La Fédération des Verts Africains condamne dans les termes les plus forts l’attaque barbare contre les bureaux de  l’un des partis membres notamment le Parti Ecologiste Congolais- Les Verts- dirigé par l’Honorable Didace Pembe Bokiaga.

Brûler les bureaux du PECO est un acte lâche dans le 21e siècle, les partis politiques doivent résoudre leurs différends politiques et les autres problèmes par le dialogue et les moyens non violents.


APGF Green Party Presentations

During the APGF's 2016 Study Tour in Sydney, Australia, each APGF member-party provides a 15- 20 minute presentation on their party, the country and its socio-political and economic environment followed by 10 minute Q&A session. The objective was to adapt learnings for use in our own countries and to share experiences so as other members of the Study Tour would learn from what other parties in their countries have done politically. Here are their reports.

Australian Greens Host Asia Pacific Delegates

The Australian Greens are hosting Green Party representatives from across Asia and the Pacific from May 17-24. This is an initiative to share knowledge and experiences across the region so as to assist emerging Green Parties and new Green Parties.


APGF Study Tour 2016


The main objective of APGF study tour was to share knowledge and experience within Participants from different countries having different experience and to meet with Australian Green to observe their activities and to learn from their skills and experiences.


Polish Call for Democracy

One hundred days after the ascension to power of the ultra-conservative party PiS (Law and Justice) in Poland, the mobilization of the people continues. On Saturday 27 February, a demonstration calling for democracy, unity and freedom took place in Warsaw.

Australia Election Study Tour

During the 2013 Australian Federal elections, the Australian Greens held an electoral study tour program for Greens from the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation to participate in the Australian Greens’ election campaign and voting system in Perth and Sydney. Study tour participants included Bernadette Rounds Ganilau from Fiji, Rior Santos from the Philippines, Dorothy Tekwie from Papua New Guinea, Henry Zimbo from the Solomon Islands, Liaquat Ali Sheikh from Pakistan and Keli Yen from Taiwan. My study tour was hosted by the Greens in Perth.

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