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Global Greens News: June 2016

  • Global Greens: 15 Year Anniversary / Global Greens: 15 años
  • Implementing the Paris Agreement
  • Joint Global Greens & European Greens Congress#Greens2017
  • West African Greens Election Campaign Training / Rencontre de la Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts Afrique de l’Ouest
  • Making Connections: The Asia Pacific Greens Federation's Election Study Tour in Australia
  • Taiwan Green Party 2016 Elections: Q&A with Ken-cheng Lee, former Party Co-Chair /台灣綠黨的2016年選舉經驗: 問答與李根政
  • Help please! Overseas Voting & Campaigning 
  • Austria Elects World's First Green President Directly Elected by the People
  • Sweden Appoints New Green Ministers
  • A Green Observatory on Brexit
  • The Return of Borders in Europe
  • What's up with the Women's Network?
  • Take the leap - become a FROGG

Global Greens News

June 2016


Global Greens: 15 Year Anniversary

15 years ago, in April 2001, an unexpected event took place in Canberra, Australia, that would change the scene of international political organisations. Without much noise, a significant number of environmentalists travelled to the Australian capital from the varied reaches of Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia.  They came with a single objective: to found a global green movement that brings together all the Green parties and political movements of the Green world... Read more

Global Greens: 15 años

Hace 15 años, en Abril de 2001, tuvo lugar un inesperado acontecimiento en Canberra, Australia, que habría de cambiar la escena de las organizaciones políticas internacionales. Sin mucho ruido fueron llegando un numero importante delegaciones ecologistas a la capital australiana desde las direcciones más diversas del globo. Ello tanto de países africanos, como del sud y del norte de América, de los países europeos así como de los rincones más variados de Asia. Ello con un único objetivo: fundar un movimiento verde global que agrupe a todos los partidos y movimientos políticos verdes del mundo. Lee mas

Implementing the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement on climate change was signed on 22 April at the UN Headquarters in New York. The Global Greens statement recognised that much stronger action will be needed than countries are currently offering. For the Agreement to take effect it has to be ratified, usually by national parliaments. The Global Greens invited Green Members of Parliament to use the ratification opportunity to identify one fossil fuel reserve to leave in the ground and at least one fossil fuel subsidy to abolish or phase out. "No fracking" said UK Caroline Lucas MP, "no new coal or expanded coal or CSG" said Australia’s Senator Richard Di Natale, and the "complete transformation of the transport sector" said German MPs.  

We are the only political party that is truly global in reach. It is an achievement to celebrate and a structure to use and improve. Our efforts to organise and demonstrate that we are greater than the sum of our parts is in its infancy.  It reinforces our shared values and commitment when we campaign together or celebrate together Green wins on policy or in elections. But we don’t do it enough. Global outcomes need global action. Read more

Joint Global Greens & European Greens Congress#Greens2017

The Global Greens Congress is a rare and important event held at least once every five years in which the recognised Green parties and movements around the world (85 currently), Green institutes advancing Green politics and committed individuals from grassroots activists to elected representatives at every level of government, gather together to build relationships and the means to solve problems at every level from local to global.

This Congress, 30 March to 2 April 2017, in Liverpool UK, is also extraordinary because it is the first time that the Global and European Greens congresses will be held together. It's also the first time to be held in the global north; and since the location rotates among regions, the next time it returns to Europe will be 20 years from now!  

Our challenge right now is to enable Greens from outside Europe to attend the Congress. To achieve the outcomes we are all working for, we need to make sure that Green parties around the world are well represented and that the delegations include women and young people. We will be requesting your help to subsidise the costs of travel for Greens who are in need of it so as to ensure equity of access to opportunity and accountability. Donations are welcome now and if you are interested in sponsoring participants, please get in touch.

We are determined to make this joint-congress politically powerful, insightful, constructive and extremely enjoyable!  See you in Liverpool!


West African Greens Election Campaign Training

Rencontre de la Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts de l’Afrique, Région Afrique de l’OuestThe West African Greens Federation, supported by the Belgian Groen solidarity fund, trained party leaders and members in election campaigning and Green ideology in Bamako Mali on 27--29 May 2016. Participants from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo, Ivory Coast and Mali received training on 1) involvement of ecologists in presidential, parliamentary and local elections; 2) election campaigning, 3) how to conduct an election rally, 4) Green ideology, and 5) citizenship and culture of peace. Read more

Rencontre de la Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts de l’Afrique, Région Afrique de l’Ouest

Du 27 au 29 mai 2016, s’est tenue à Bamako à la cité des enfants la 2ème Rencontre de la Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts de l’Afrique, Région Afrique de l’Ouest (FéPEV-RAO). Le thème central de la rencontre est la formation aux élections avec les sous-thèmes: 1) Implication et participation des écologistes aux élections présidentielles, législatives et locales, 2) Comment organiser une campagne électorale, 3) Comment animer un meeting électoral, 4) Quel contenu pour notre discours idéologique, et 5) Citoyenneté et culture de la paix. Lire la suite en français


Making Connections: The Asia Pacific Greens Federation's Election Study Tour in Australia

"There's nothing quite like getting together with Greens from 11 different countries across the Asia Pacific region to remind you that you're part of a global movement."

- The Australian Greens 

During May, 22 delegates from Green parties across Asia Pacific spent 10 days in Sydney and the sub-tropical north of the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The delegates learned first hand from the Australian and NSW Greens about our experiences over the past 30 years. Our exchanges amongst the 12 men and 10 women from 11 countries discussed how we and they develop policies, plan election campaigns, the common issues we address through our campaigning, and the importance of building infrastructure and procedures in emerging parties. In turn we learnt of the challenges and experiences delegates from these countries face within their own political systems and circumstances. Read more

Taiwan Green Party 2016 Elections: Q&A with Ken-cheng Lee, former Party Co-Chair

In 2012 the Greens received nearly 230,000 votes (1.74%), and this year the Green Party and the Social Democratic Union coalition received 308,000 votes (2.53%). Although there is growth, we were still unable to cross the party vote threshold of 3.5% and the non-constituency (list) threshold of 5%. Pre-election polls had indicated that we could break through, but in the end there was a significant gap between our expectations and the election results. Taiwan's presidential elections this year led to a shift in power from the formerly ruling Kuomingtang party (KMT or Nationalist) to the Democratic People’s Movement (DPP), and the third time in which Taiwan experienced a change in the government party since the end of martial law in 1987. This is an important achievement for a country with a relatively recent transition to democracy. The election outcome is a result of the many social conflicts experienced in Taiwan during the time in which the KMT have been in power, from 2008 to 2016. Read more

台灣綠黨的2016年選舉經驗: 問答與李根政, 綠黨的前共同召集人

這次選舉對台灣很重要的意義是:代表著威權統治的國民黨倒台了,台灣完成了第三次的政黨輪替,對於一個剛起步的民主國家,我覺得這一點是蠻重要的。當然這是因為從2008年到2016年這段時間國民黨執政造成了更大的社會矛盾,蓬勃的公民運動在第一線跟國民黨衝撞角力,是促成這一波政黨輪替的主因。民進黨在這幾年的公民運動中貢獻很少,但卻是政治上最大的受益者。第二個觀察,這是台灣史無前例的政黨票競爭,共有18個政黨,上屆(2012)是11個政黨。 2012的大選,人民對政黨票的理解很少,但這次政黨票競爭激烈,連二大黨都在告急搶政黨票。2012年綠黨拿到了將近23萬票 (1.74%),而這次綠黨社會民主黨聯盟(簡稱綠社盟)拿到了30萬8,000票(2.53%),雖然有成長,但是沒有跨過3.5%的政黨票門檻和5%不分區立委門檻。選前整體的社會氣氛甚至民調都顯示有可能突破,但最後卻沒有,這個結果和我們期待有落差。  閱讀更多

Help please! Overseas Voting & Campaigning

Australia's federal election is on 2 July 2016. On this day more than 380,000 Australians will be living, working or holidaying overseas. Can you help us reach them? The Australian Electoral Commission will have polling places in many locations across the world. In London more than 15,000 Australians vote at the High Commission booth. Many others vote in China, Singapore, USA, Germany, Indonesia and France. More Green volunteers handing out means more votes! If you can help coordinate or staff a booth sign up here.



Austria Elects World's First Green President Directly Elected by the People!

“We congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen, the citizens of Austria and the EU with the outcome of the presidential election. It will probably be remembered as one of the closest Europe has ever seen. And it comes with a decisive symbolic message for the wider European public: Europe’s values and our shared republican and democratic goals can be defended against insurgent right-wing populism,"declared Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni, Co-Chairs of the European Green Party. Read more about Alexander Van der Bellen from Die Grünen's website and the Green European Journal.

Sweden Appoints New Green Ministers

Two new Green ministers are appointed following a government reshuffle. Karolina Skog, until now the mayor of Malmö, will be the Minister for the Environment. Peter Eriksson, currently a Member of the European Parlaiment (MEP), will be the Minister for Housing and Digitalisation. Jakop Dalunde replaces him as an MEP. The party's newly elected spokesperson, Isabella Lövin remains Minister for International Development and Cooperation and also becomes Minister for Climate and Deputy Prime Minister. As Minister for International Development and Cooperation, Isabella Lövin will, together with Karolina Skog and other colleagues in the government, be responsible for making Sweden one of the first fossil free welfare countries! Read more

A Green Observatory on Brexit

The Green Observatory provides a round-up of perspectives on a current political issue from the Green European Journal’s partners around Europe. This first edition focuses its lens on Brexit: how is the referendum on UK membership being discussed in different countries? And what could be the potential consequences on the ground in the case of a vote to leave the EU? Read more



The Return of Borders in Europe

After 60 years of peace and the gradual abolition of its internal borders, Europe is experiencing a reconstruction of borders. National borders are once again being heralded as the essential panacea for the multiple crises which have shaken Europe to its foundations, on the ground and in the minds in Europeans. In response to these developments, the Green European Journal dedicates its 12th volume to new analyses and perspectives on the issue. New thinking on borders for new thinking on Europe. Read more


What's up with the Women's Network?

The Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN) is active and running! While we anticipate meeting in person at the Global Greens and European Green Party joint Congress in Liverpool 2017, we are busy working on Women's Academy webinars and launching a GGWN Mentorship Programme. Read more


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