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Global Greens News: July 2015

  • Asia Pacific Greens Federation's 3rd Congress held in New Zealand
  • Nepal earthquake
  • Greek referendum
  • election success in Spain
  • Green cities in Helsinki
  • Rwanda Green Party asks court to uphold presidential term limits
  • Jill Stein running for President of the USA
  • Chilean Greens celebrate solar new year
  • Global Greens at COP21

Global Greens News

July 2015

The next steps in the Greek crisis are unclear. What is clear is that the Greek people yesterday overwhelmingly voted against austerity and for democracy. Read the background in this Global Greens News. There are also reports on the Asia Pacific Greens Congress held three weeks ago in New Zealand, news of court challenges by the Rwandan Greens and the US Greens, and election success in Spain.

Asia - Pacific

Asia Pacific Greens Congress success

The Asia Pacific Greens have taken the next giant step forward, adopting a new constitution at their Congress in Wellington New Zealand on 12-14 June. Nearly 150 participants came from 15 countries as far afield as the Solomon Islands, South Korea, Mongolia, India and Iraq. For a flavour of the enthusiastic discussions that took place read the articles below. For a background on the Asia Pacific Greens: read more

Capturing the spirit of Wellington's Greens wind

In our effort to tackle climate change and improve the conditions of political leadership in Indonesia that is still far from green values, a Green Party Indonesia has become urgent. The Green winds blowing from Wellington should be maintained and nurtured with a united Indonesian Greens. The wind that is not cold at all. The wind that is warmful, refreshed and very fun. Wind of friendship. Wind of change. Read more (English), read more (Bahasa)

Gender equity endorsed

The 3rd APGF Congress endorsed gender equity in parliaments with a resolution stating that gender equity and diversity is essential for a just and sustainable planet; that specific policies and targets are needed; and that the APGF can assist by modelling gender equity and diversity in our own structures and processes. The Taiwan Greens report (in Chinese)


Nepali Greens - earthquake rehabilitation

Nepali Greens The Nepali Greens provided immediate services for rural and remote communities who are most marginalised by April's devastating earthquake. Now the next phase of rehabilitation and community reconstruction begins - the Greens' main objective is to make a safer and sustainable place to live for all.  Read more (English)


Greek referendum - our freedom at stake!

"After 5 years of Troika and Austerity, the crisis deepening continuously, and the public structures falling apart, we have arrived at a point where Greeks haven’t much to lose anymore." Maria Petanaki from the Greek Greens gives some background, written last week, to Sunday's referendum which resulted in a resounding 60% 'no' vote. Read more

Election success in Spain

The May 2015 local elections saw political parties, civil society and independent citizens organising so-called “convergence lists of candidates” with the aim of regenerating local policy from a political, social, economic and ecological point of view. Both EQUO, the Spanish Green Party, and ICV the Catalonian Green Party obtained excellent results, most through "convergence list" candidates. Read more in English or Spanish.

Green Cities - Helsinki 25-26 September

Most of the world's people live in cities; in Europe it is 75%. The challenge is how to make them clean, green and sustainGreen mayors and city leaders from Grenoble, Tübingen, Barcelona and Helsinki will share their experiences of building Greener cities. Greens from local governments in all parts of the world are welcome to attend the Green Cities Conference hosted by the Finnish Greens. Read more


Rwanda Green Party asks court to uphold presidential term limits

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda launched action in the Supreme Court in June to uphold the two-term limit for presidents and prevent parliament from changing the constitution. President Kagame has already served two seven-year terms (elected in 2003 and 2010) and is looking for a third term. Read more


Jill Stein running for President of the USA

Jill Stein has officially entered the race to become the Green Party candidate for President in the 2016 elections promising a 'people-powered' campaign. She was the endorsed Greens nominee in 2012 and the Greens will hold a nominating convention in mid-2016 to decide on their 2016 nominee. The US Greens have also joined a 'level the playing field' lawsuit seeking the inclusion of third party and independent candidates in televised presidential debates.

Chilean Greens celebrate solar new year

On June 21, the Chilean Greens (Partido Ecologista de Chile) celebrated the New Year of the South with cultural activities and meetings. From now the days get longer and the sun returns. This is a time to seek to become better inhabitants of the Earth and better neighbours for all other beings. Importantly we need to move towards multi-nationality, fully restoring the dignity of First Nations. To know more about this special day read more (in Spanish).


Heading for Paris

Official COP21 logo The Global Greens have been provisionally accepted as a non-government observer organisation for UN Climate Convention meetings including COP21 in Paris in December 2015. We will be preparing our participation in the coming months. The European Greens have launched their #ClimateMoment campaign and will be holding a 'divestment' conference in Paris on 1 September.


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