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Global Greens News: January 2015

Goodbye 2014

Our last Global Greens News for 2014, but first for 2015, comes soon after the disappointing - though not entirely disastrous - COP20 climate conference in Lima Peru; read the Greens' verdict below. There is also a link to the Global Greens statement condemning the Taliban's barbaric slaughter of the children in Peshawar. Plus - an interview with outgoing EGP Secretary-General Jacqueline Cremers, other news from the Green world and a look back at the year by Global Greens Convener Margaret Blakers.

Next year we plan to produce Global Greens News bi-monthly focusing on news by and about Greens. We welcome your suggestions for subjects and writers (send them to [email protected]). Happy reading and best wishes to everyone for a Green 2015.

Looking backwards and forwards

2014 was the year the Global Greens became legally registered; we ran our first mini-campaign on climate change; and followed the electoral fortunes of Green parties from Taiwan to Brazil, Europe to New Zealand. Read more

COP20 - the verdict

A fossil fuel free world should be front and centre for us all in 2015: Christine Milne

The Lima climate talks did not go far enough to engender confidence for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it has pulled negotiations back from the brink of collapse... There will be sadness and frustration that these talks have again prioritised short term national economic self-interest over the global commons or common interest, but what Lima has done is reinforce the power of civil society to bring about change in spite of governments, not because of them. Read more


Global Greens need to make the most of 2015: Elizabeth May

COP20 in Lima was not an unmitigated disaster, but it fell short of launching us into the final sprint to Paris with anything that could be described as momentum. It should be understood not as a new “deal” for the climate, but as a 12-month work plan leading to COP21. Read more


A small step closer to Paris: Bas Eickhout

The deal between China and the US raised expectations and caused a very positive mood at the start of the Lima negotiations. Unfortunately our old Dutch saying 'one stork doesn't make it summer yet' turned out to be true once again. The overall result of Lima is disappointing, although there were some encouraging developments as well. One thing is crystal clear: there will be no time to sit back!  Read more

Greens get together in Lima

People's Climate March, Lima Global Greens Executive Secretary reports on a frantic schedule organising the Global Greens press conference on 10 December, meeting and interviewing Green leaders from around the world, joining the People's Climate March and more. Read her account and listen to the interviews she secured. Read more


Global Greens media conference from COP20

The Global Greens hosted a media conference on 10 December live from Lima. Listen to Green leaders from Australia, Korea, Canada and Sweden give their take on the progress of the talks and their importance. The conference, and other Global Greens activities at COP20, could not have happened without the support of over 60 Greens from 19 countries who donated to send Global Greens Executive Secretary Veronica Juzgado to Lima. Our sincere thanks to you all. Read more

Mixed bag

Barbaric Peshawar school attack condemned

The Global Greens strongly condemn the barbaric act of terrorism by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacking the Peshawar school on 16 December 2014; the attack claimed 141 lives, including 132 school children. The Global Greens urge the Government of Pakistan and the international community to bring the perpetrators to a court of justice. Read more


Farewell to Jacqueline

Jacqueline Cremers, Secretary General of the European Green Party ends her mandate (second term of office) in December 2014. She was interviewed by Alice Rosmi for Global Greens News. Read more


Rwandan Greens petition court over use of French

Rwanda flag Le Parti Démocratique Vert du Rwanda, le 8 Décembre 2014, a introduit un procès à la Cour suprême, concernant le non-respect de la langue française, tel que stipulé dans l’article 5 de la Constitution rwandaise.

The Rwandan Greens have started an action in the Supreme Court concerning the non-respect for the use of French.They say it is an obstacle to unity and national reconciliation because it leaves many people unable to meet their legal rights. Read more (French)

Door opened to tar sands oil in Europe

Natural oil seep, Slovakia. Image by Branork The EU has opened the door to tar sands oil in Europe and this is deeply regrettable...despite the spin, tar sands oil has nothing to do with European energy security but is instead merely about placating the Canadian government in the context of the EU-Canada trade agreement. Read more

Acting together on climate change

While Australia’s conservative, anti-science Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, fought to keep climate change off the agenda at the G20, world leaders and the community made sure it was a focus... While the Prime Minister’s climate denalism is all too clear, many Australians understand the urgency of acting on climate change. They are installing solar in record numbers and they took to the streets during G20 despite an ironic heatwave which gripped Brisbane all weekend. Read more

Best wishes for a happy, safe and Green 2015

(With thanks to the Greens of Aotearoa New Zealand enjoying summer in the southern hemisphere) ________________________________________________________

Views expressed in GG News are those of the author except for Global Greens Statements.

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