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Global Greens News: December 2014: COP20

  • Global Greens Statement: Greens call for ambitious, fair, legalling binding climate agreement 
  • Greens in Lima
  • Burkina Faso: les Verts participent à la transition démocratique 
  • FPVA Conference 
  • Green Party Taiwan wins first two seats in local elections! 
  • Economic Challenges of Climate Change Adaption in South Asia 
  • UN Climate Talks and the EU's Role 
  • The Green Climate Fund is not a charity, but an investment in our shared future

Global Greens News

December 2014


The Greens are the major political family calling worldwide for fast, fair cuts to the pollution that's driving global warming. We're building a better world, all the way from action in the streets to the UN. Great Greens are going to Lima to represent their countries and the globe: Sweden's Green Deputy Prime Minister will be there as her country's Climate Minister, and so will Green MPs from Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. It's so important to have the voice of Global Greens at the critical moments for our globe and to connect everyone together for a Greener future. Stay tuned to updates from the COP20 floor by subscribing to the Global Greens Facebook page.

Also in this GG News: Burkina Faso starts on a democratic transition, Taiwan Greens win two seats in local government elections for the first time, and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas is meeting in Lima this weekend.

Global Greens Statement: Greens call for ambitious, fair, legalling binding climate agreement

The 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) in Lima, Peru, has to demonstrate that governments have the will to reach an ambitious, fair and legally binding agreement in Paris in December 2015. The Global Greens are looking to Lima for solid progress towards setting legally binding targets in line with the science for reducing greenhouse gas pollution, generous contributions to the Green Climate Fund and protection for the world's forests. Read more

Greens in Lima

GG Executive Secretary Verónica Juzgado is already at COP20 connecting Green parliamentarians and activists from 15 countries who are attending the meeting and building our capacity to campaign globally on this vital issue. Support the Global Greens by donating to this crowdfunding campaign to cover Verónica's expenses! We're over 80% there - help us get to 100%.


Burkina Faso: les Verts participent à la transition démocratique

Du 28 au 31 Octobre 2014, le Burkina Faso a écrit une nouvelle page de son histoire politique. L’Assemblée Nationale a été appelée à voter la modification de l’article 37 de la constitution le 30 Octobre 2014 pour prolonger le mandat du Président de la république. Mais, ce vote n’aura jamais lieu et pour cause un soulèvement populaire sans précédent amènera le Président Blaise Compaoré à démissionner le 31 Octobre 2014 ouvrant ainsi la voix à une période de transition démocratique de 12 mois... Read more (French)

Between 28 and 31 October 2014, Burkina Faso wrote a new chapter in the country’s political history. On 30 October the National Assembly was invited to vote an amendment to article 37 of the Constitution allowing an extension of the President’s mandate. However, this vote never took place due an unprecedented popular uprising. President Blaise Compaoré was forced to resign on 31 October, thus opening the way to a 12-month democratic transition period.


FPVA Conference

The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA) will hold their general assembly meeting from December 5-7, in Lima, on the theme: "Opportunities at the COP20: Efficiency, Cooperation and New Investments". See the program in: English and Español.

Asia / Pacific


Green Party Taiwan wins first two seats in local elections!

綠黨本次九合一選舉,打破十八年來歷史,中壢的王浩宇與新竹竹東五峰的周江杰當選兩席議員!這兩席贏得不容易,再一次感謝所有朋友們對綠黨的支持!  (朗讀更多)

In Taiwan's local elections held on 29 November, Green Party Taiwan won  two seats, its first party-nominated candidates to win an elected seat since the Taiwan Green Party's founding in 1996. This is critical moment in the party's 18 year history and an extraordinary moment for the start of a new politics in Taiwan!
These elections resulted in a substantial defeat for the Kuomintang (KMT) who previously held 14 of 22 municipalities and counties, but only marginally won six in this election. This is perhaps the worst setback for the KMT party since they lost China to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1949.  The KMT's electoral losses are also a resounding blow to President Ma's Ying-jeou's policies of rapprochement with China over the past fourteen years. Premier Jiang Yi-huah resigned after the election, forcing President Ma to appoint a new government.
The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gained executive control of seven municipalities and counties from the KMT, including the Taipei mayoral election.  Most view DPP's wins however as more a rejection of the KMT than an endorsement of the DPP, which opens up significant possibilities for a third and more progressive political force than either of the two major parties. Most importantly, the overwhelming scale of the victory will likely open the way for Taiwan's politicians to move beyond the ideology of China versus Taiwan and begin addressing important social, economic and environmental issues with a high level of citizen participation.  Read the post-election statement 

Economic Challenges of Climate Change Adaption in South Asia

The science of climate shows the impacts of climate change will increase over time and will have a major effect on South Asia. South Asian economies should focus further on matters arising from climate change that would inhibit their development because greater investments are need to adapt to the upcoming changes. Investments include re-valuing and integrating indigenous and modern methods, particularly in the agriculture industry. This article explores how development can help adaptation, costs of adaptation, and economic challenges in agricuture, infrastructure, coastal zones, water supply and human health. Read more



UN Climate Talks and the EU's Role

In the lead up to the UN climate summit, Green MEPs adopted a resolution on 16 November focusing on the position adopted by the European Union (EU). As the recent US-China deal again confirmed, the EU risks getting left behind in the UN climate talks as a result of its intransigence on its climate policies. The Greens supported the call to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050 but believe the EU needs to be much more ambitious as regards its 2030 climate policy if it is to play a leadership role at the key UN climate summit in Paris in 2015. We must have an ambitious, binding international climate agreement that abides by the scientific evidence on what is necessary to limit warming to 2°C. Read more

In cooperation with Greens/EFA, the European Green Party will feature ambitious local climate and energy initiatives implemented in municipalities with green leadership. Every day of this week, we present another green city on our website and facebook page. Moreover, we’ll present impressions from the COP in Lima, where Green MEP Bas Eickhout will be present for the European Greens. Read more


The Green Climate Fund is not a charity, but an investment in our shared future


Isabella Lövin, Green minister for international development cooperation, writes that the Swedish government hopes and expects that many more of the developed countries will put enough money into the new GCF to allow it to send a real signal that the world is jointly taking its responsibility and that we believe that investments in clean and renewable energy are possible. We cannot continue on the same track any longer, when both scientists and military experts warn us so emphatically what will happen if we do so. There is another way. Let us take it. Read more




 Disclaimer. Global Greens statements are agreed statements by the Global Greens Coordination. Views expressed in other GG News items are those of the authors, not necessarily of the Global Greens. 


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