Want to stop Aussie aid to whaling?

Message from Australian Senator Bob Brown:

Yesterday a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean rammed the Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil. Video footage shows this to be an irresponsible, dangerous and callous act.

In the wake of news the Japanese whaling fleet hired Australian planes from Hobart and Albany to track the Sea Shepherd ships’ movements, the Greens will introduce a bill banning activities associated with whaling in Australia when the Senate resumes.

Please add your name today to help stop any Australian aid to whaling.

The Rudd government has broken its election promise to take the Japanese whalers to court. Now its failure to send surveillance planes or to have any sort of Australian maritime presence this whaling season has meant the Japanese whale killers are doing what they want in Australia’s Antarctic Territory waters.

Whaling has continued unabated under successive coalition and Labor governments. The only way to stop this slaughter is through action from the Greens. I will ask the government and coalition to support our bill to ban Australian aid to whaling, including air or sea surveillance and communications facilities, but the more support we have from individuals like you, the easier it will be to secure tri-partisan support for the bill.

Please add your name today to help stop any Australian aid to whaling.

Public support from you and thousands of other Australians will be vital for the bill to be passed.


Bob Brown


01/11/2010 – 16:52


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