Vanuatu Elects Green Prime Minister

Vanuatu’s Parliament has elected the Greens’ leader Moana Carcasses as the country’s new prime minister.

Moana Carcasses Kalosil is also the first naturalised citizen to become prime minister since Vanuatu gained independence more than thirty years ago. Previously, PM Carcasses held positions of Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2003—2004, Minister for Finance, 2004—2005 and Leader of the Opposition, 2007-08. He served in former PM Sato Kilman’s (who resigned last week) cabinet holding positions of Minister of Finance and, most recently, Parliamentary Secretary.

PM Carcasses has accomplishments in both Green and Economic sectors. For example, he worked where competition was needed: there were monopolies in preventing good human developments in Vanuatu like monopoly on rice, monopoly on cement etc and he ensured this situation changed such that competition in these areas has since flourished. PM Carcasses also lead the research and planning required for Vanuatu to win the Millennium Challenge Fund several years ago. This resulted in large scale infrastructure road building for both Santo and Efate. These roads have greatly improved tourism and development possibilities for both islands. He is also the first Member of Parliament to campaign on Green Values. These principles are aligned with Vanuatu custom belief in caring for nature.

The Prime Minister is also known for his belief in entrepreneurship and free enterprise. He has also been a supporter of Vanuatu’s economic/fiscal independence. During the 2012 Election the Green Confederation Party had only two words displayed on their posters: ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE. Last year, at an Agricultural Mikrofinance show arranged by the new Prime Minister and Department of Agriculture showed new ways for farmers to gain from finance secured over the agriculture crops rather than the land.

Teaming up with Hon. Edward Natapei as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, a priority for the new team announced is revisiting ties with Indonesia and pushing the Independence Agenda for West Papua in the MSG. The Prime Minister is already a member of International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

04/24/2013 – 23:14


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