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Urgent Appeal to the Japanese Government on radiation containment at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

by ECOLO Japan International (Official Membership Group of APGN/Global Greens)

Although it has been almost 3 months since Fukushima No.1 NPP accident occurred, high level and much amount of radioactive materials still diffuses from the exploded reactors. The Japanese government leaves every decision and work schedules to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and do never take any initiative, nobody takes control of the present serious situation in Fukushima No.1 NPP, so the things have been serious and concerning.

On April 5th, TEPCO reported that the accidental Nuclear Power Plants No.1 in Fukushima still diffuse radiation by 154 tera bq a day. The diffusion of huge amount of radioactivity still continues, however they do NOT implement any counter-measure to avoid it, leaving the diffusion as it is, so the radiation contamination of the air, soil, water and food production has been expanding in Japan, although the amount of radioactivity is gradually decreasing. The current situation seems as if the officials would NEVER think anything for protecting people’s health and life from radiation exposure.

Besides, according to the research of the US Environmental Protection Association (EPA), between the end of March and the early April, huge amount of Plutonium and Uranium was found in California, in West Coast of USA, Hawaii and Guam (Islands on the Pacific Ocean). In Japan-nearby countries such as Korea, China, Russia are also found radioactivity in the air. There is also a report of finding Iodine and Cesium in foods and milk in Europe already.


Therefore the problem became already international radiation pollution over the Pacific Ocean and Continents, which frighten all the people’s health all over the world, particularly living on Northern Hemisphere, so URGENTLY we need to make and implement an effective solution at the international level.

We will ask all the Greens and Green organization at the global level, to expand the information, work on your own government, institutes, as well as international organizations to give warnings directly to the Japan government. Otherwise, your group’s petition or signatures of individual members is possible. Current Serious Situation in Japan The Japan government will not yet disclose the amount data of radiation just after the NPPs explosion in Fukushima, especially data on many poisonous radioactivity except Iodine 131 and Cesium 137; nor data of radiation contamination on foods and soil in potential affected areas, so people in Japan are exposed to huge serious radiation contamination now. The Japanese authorities make NO reference on serious danger of “inner exposure by radiation on human body” nor “ low level of radiation exposure”. Besides, the Japan government and all the major media named such kind of important information as “harmful rumors or misinformation” and criticize, regulate it officially every day.  As a result, people cannot have real information on radiation contamination, so they are more exposed to the danger of radiation contamination on the air, foods, water and soil. Water and Rain Contamination On the other hand, in Eastern Japan, including capital area of Tokyo, from the middle of March until May, radioactivity (Iodine and Cesium) is found in the rainwater, tap water and in the air. However, the government, mass media always say; “it is no problem if you are exposed your body to the contaminated rain” “it is no problem if you drink radiation contaminated tap water” by quoting advice of pro-nuclear specialists and researchers. Food Contamination Nevertheless, the officials do not investigate radiation except for a part of affected areas. On processed foods, soft drinks, milk products, there is no investigation at all. Besides, the government (administration) decided possible radiation standard up to 200 times (2000 bq/kg for food products and fish, 300 bq/kg for milk products) as much as that of WHO standard level. This means the officials force people to eat and drink high-level contaminated foods, rice, vegetables, fish and milk every day. Already found many contaminated vegetables, fish, meat and foods, which included over the high-level official standard, were found in many different parts of Japan.In supermarkets, vegetables and other foods in radiation polluted areas are often sold in the title of  ”to support affected region”. Children and pregnant mothers are particularly exposed in dangerous situation.   Already some rate of Iodine 131 was found in the breast-milk of several Japanese mothers.  Soil Contamination  The area of highly soil contamination is expanding in Japan, but the government does never indicate local administration to cope with the situation. Soils on school grounds, farms and parks are left exposed to high-level radiation in Fukushima and other regions around. Besides, the government allows school children to play on the ground which diffuses radiation up to 20 mm Sv per year, whose standard is much higher than the limit of capacity for normal adults. Thus, children’s’ life and health is now seriously exposed to the danger by radiation, particularly in Fukushima. Some farmers export highly contaminated vegetables and other crops without official admission. They do not inspect radiation level of their food production. So it is possible that many kinds of contaminated foods will be supplied to the market as they are.  Unsuccessful Cooling of Reactors  TEPCO always keep pouring pure water into the 4 reactors, but they never be successful in cooling the nuclear fuels inside, just keeping the temperature as before. Instead, they suffer from treating leak-out radiation contaminated water from inside the reactors, so things do not advance at all. We are wondering if they really accept the specialists’ suggestions and discuss to carry them out. The government leaves all the measures for Fukushima NPPs to TEPCO and Nuclear Agency so that nothing positive gains at the moment. Reference: Our Urgent Request to all the Greens worldwide At the moment, no official authorities in Japan have been successful in controlling these serious situations occurred one after another. On the contrary, they only try NOT to disclose real or detailed data on radiation contamination nor inform how people should cope with the serious situation. 1. Sign and submit the following Petition toward Japanese government as well as their local authoritiesfor giving strong pressure on them to take immediate counter-measures to cope with serious potential radiation  contamination in Japan (See the attachment Format) .  The petition will be sent to [email protected].  Otherwise please submit your appeal or official statement against radiation contamination directly to the Japanese governmental office to: can make a statement either under the name of your own green group (party) or with individual signatures.2. Work on United Nation organization or other international organizations for setting up an international radiation specialist panel as soon as possible to make a effective solution, regulations, putting agendas on international organization or UN authorities (such as WHO and FAO) to discuss and make a binding resolution on how to cope with the problem of potential radiation contamination worldwide. 3. Ask for setting up an international radiation specialist panel as soon as possible to make a effective solution, to cool down the destroyed 4 reactors of Fukushima No.1 NPP, with leaving all the initiatives to UN authorities (such as UN Security Council and IAEA) to discuss and make a compulsory execution on the urgent solution as soon as possible, in cooperation with international rescue troops. Questions, Suggestions to: Office of ECOLO Japan International Section: [email protected]Secretariat of Green Groups of Japan Sender: Shuji ImamotoCommittee Member of Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) / Global Greens Policy Advisor of ECOLO Japan (Official Membership Group of Global Greens)

07/13/2011 – 12:00


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