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UNDP Bhutan Going Green

UNDP Bhutan’s Green Office Initiative:

Climate change is emerging as an important concern in UNDP as well as the broader UN system.

The UN agencies, funds and programs have recognized their particular responsibility to ‘walk the talk’ on climate change mitigation and have decided to take action by joining forces to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from UN operations collectively.

UNDP Bhutan initiated the Green Office back in 2005 with the idea to assist staff to reduce the environmental impact of office work through paper reduction, fuel, water and energy conservation in the work place.

In 2006 waste management/recycling was initiated and added to the strategy. Recycling of waste paper and PET bottles has been initiated with Greener Way since 2010.The strategy attempts to list practical ways and means to assimilate environment friendly habits and initiatives into daily work routine at the UNDP office in Bhutan.

In October 2007, the UN Chief Executives Board for Coordination adopted a decision to move towards a climate neutral United Nations. A GHG inventory is the first crucial step towards reducing GHG emissions with the target of reaching climate neutrality eventually. The inventory is important because it enables data analysis and hence strategic identification of actions for running the organization in a more efficient, less carbon intensive way.

Bhutan was shortlisted as one of the 10 pilot countries to carry out a Global UNDP GHG Inventory in 2008 and ranked as the 2nd lowest per capita GHG emission after Zambia in 2009.

The Green Office Team encourages all staff to practice these methods at work and home towards environment conservation. Staff can also bring their PET products to the office for collection by Greener Way.

05/15/2012 – 12:00


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