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UN Recognition for Nepal’s Organic School

Dear all,

On 16th September, UN-General Assembly Side event has been held at the UN Secretariat, UN building, New York. The side event was about Youth, land and agriculture.

Yamina Djacta, Director of UN Habitat, New York Office, Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations’ Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth had given opening remarks.  BK Dalit, President of Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) and Convener of the Nepali Greens, was one of the key note speakers of the event representing Nepal.

BK Dalit had spoken about his campaign with the TNW of inspiring, empowering and engaging young people on commercial agriculture.  He shared about his goal 100,000 Young Farmer Target (YFT ) which aims to inspire at least 100,000 young people on commercial agriculture, develop their capacity for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) based commercial agriculture and support further for Agro-entrepreneurship.

Until 8th September 2013, TNW has reached 1427 young farmers. The Organic School of TNW has developed the capacity of young emerging farmers and supported further for agro entrepreneurship.

Yamina Djacta, Director of UN Habitat, New York Office said that a large number of young people are jobless. Therefore, there is a need of engaging youth on land based economic activities for food security and youth poverty reduction.

Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth said that youth unemployment has been the biggest problem in the world. Still, millions of jobs need to be created to address the youth poverty.  Therefore, there is a need of strong efforts by youth leaders worldwide. He said that “BK Dalit” is the HERO and wants to share the story of his efforts globally.

BK Dalit is also speaking at United Nations’ Inter Agency Network on Youth Development (UN IANYD)’s meeting on youth issues of Nepal. The meeting will be held on 19th and 20th September 2013. He has been invited by the United Nations to attend the UN General Assembly side events in New York representing Nepal.

Jay Greens!

*Mritunjay jha, Coordinator
Asia Pacific Young Green Network (APYGN) and Member of Nepali Greens

09/21/2013 – 10:18


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