Transformation of the Low Carbon Age — Green Energy VS Nuclear Energy

APGN 2010 Pre-Conference Lecture: The Crisis and Transformation of the Low Carbon Age — Green Energy VS Nuclear Energy 

7 April 2010, 9:30AM- 12:30PM

Location: Soochow University (Dong Wu University) City Campus, Conference Room 5117
Taipei City, 56 Guiyang Street Section 1 (Near corner of Guiyang Street and Taoyuan Street)

Speaker: Hans-Josef Fell, Green Party Member of German Parliament, German Parliament
Spokesperson for Energy and Technology Policy

Energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green energy are among the most commonly heard expressions of the environmental movement, but we still see Taiwan’s carbon emissions steadily climbing. Environmental Impact Assessments for coal fired power plants continue to pass, and under the pretext of reducing carbon emissions the government is vigorously promoting the expansion of nuclear energy, disregarding security and nuclear waste risks. Under the threat of global climate change Taiwan seems to be facing an energy policy crossroads.

“The important thing is to truly understand green energy, not treat it as a fashionable new technology or even believe that the green energy industry is a future path to riches. Furthermore, folks who understand green energy certainly do not hope that nuclear energy will always be around. This point needs to be clear.” German MP Hans-Josef Fell, drafter of Germany’s renewable energy law and the German Parliament Spokesperson for Energy and Technology Policy, has long fought for renewable energy and climate change policy. The fact that Germany has become a globally recognized leader in green energy is closely related to the early advocacy of Germany’s Green Party.

Facing the grim challenges presented by climate change and looming energy resource depletion, the Global Greens are convening the Second Asia Pacific Greens Network Conference in Taiwan from 30 April to 2 May. Green political leaders, legislators, and Green Party Representatives from over 20 Asian and Pacific countries will attend, and among the most important topics of the conference is how to address global climate change. So on the eve of the conference we’ve invited Hans-Josef Fell, honored as the father of Germany’s renewable energy law, to speak on his experiences promoting a grassroots renewable energy revolution in Germany. We hope to have a discussion with our friends who are concerned about Taiwan’s environemnt and energy situation, and in addition to urging the public to reflect on Taiwan’s current carbon reduction and energy policies, as we move into the low carbon age we also hope to encourage Taiwanese to reconsider, which path should we choose? Green energy or nuclear energy?

This event is open to the public, no registration necessary. As of this posting, the talk is expected to be delivered in English with Chinese Translation.

04/14/2010 – 17:42


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