The Philippine Green Party’s Village Eco-Governance Development Framework

Social Change is about electing leaders and developing and implementing an alternative system to improve people’s experiences and to realise their aspirations through society.  The Philippine Green Party (Partido Kalikasan) is learning from lessons from own past and from experiences of others living in similar geographical and political settings. From these reflections we are building our Green governance model.

Following the Philippine Green Party’s 2013 electoral success in 13 villages, the party has identified this year’s major work areas: 1) develop community-based enterprises that will generate local green economy, 2) enable increased participatory democracy at the village level, and 3) implement a ecologically-based policies for the legislature.

The party’s work is organised as a Village Eco-Governance Development Framework (VEGDF), and can be read in detail at on the Asia-Pacific Green federation Website.

The party will support village leaders’ understanding of Green governance through their own experiences and reflective learning.  Imperative to the success of the program is the role of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) in developing networks of likeminded groups and individuals who can share knowledge, information and other technical expertise. The APGF maintains a catalogue of theory and best practices from grassroots to governments that can be a big help for developing the Philippine Green Party.  Let’s walk the talk and join us in becoming exemplars in local Green governance!


03/12/2014 – 22:55


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