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“The Greens: will they win control of the Senate? ” Listen LIVE: 6pm (Eastern Australian Time) Monday 24 May

There is a 1 hour radio program  on  this afternoon at 6pm Eastern Australian time about the Australian Greens  and what role we will have in our national parliamen t after the upcoming election . 

You can listen to the program live on the web at this address – Link to Listen Live

Bob will be a guest on the program and there will be ‘talkback’ where people from the audience ring in and have their say about the topic.

I think you may find it quite an interesting discussion. The promotion for the program is below.

Happy listening, Anna

Radio National, Australia Talks – 6 – 7pm (Eastern Australian Time) Monday 24 May

The Greens: will they win control of the Senate?

With a federal election just months away, Labor and the Coalition are neck and neck in the polls. But the race for the Senate is also critical, with many tipping the Greens will seize the balance of power. Greens leader Bob Brown joins our discussion on what that could mean

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Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader

Dr Narelle Miragliotta, Monash University politics lecturer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Poguntke, Chair of Comparative Politics at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldor

Anna Reynolds

International Advisor

Office of Senator Bob Brown

Leader of the Australian Greens

05/24/2010 – 10:21


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