The Fukushima Understory – The Aftershocks Keep Coming

Australian uranium contaminates Fukushima.  In this special series, “Beyond Nuclear War and Radioactive Peace,” Understorey travels to Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In this first episode, we ask: what’s it like to be close to a nuclear reactor that’s about to explode?   Why did the Japanese parliament say the Fukushima nuclear disaster was “man-made”?

Adrian Glamorgan and Elizabeth PO’ say about their series:

“Our ultimate aim will not be to encourage you to protest, but to go further than that: to find ways for friendship with the Japanese people, and activate practical compassion for what is happening to their families, the Japanese environment, and gradually therefore, over time, to the whole planet.”

11/06/2013 – 00:00


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