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The Asia Pacific Greens Network
 Supports the Syrian People’s Democratic Demands

The Syrian government’s military action against the Syrian people continues to claim victims by the day in an effort to obstruct the public’s demands for political, economic and social change.  The Asia Pacific Greens Network (referred to here on as “APGN”) affirms its support for the Syrian people’s demands for democratic governance with the following declarations:


(1)   The principle of nonviolence is both superior and more effective as a means of revolutionary change. The APGN offers its appreciation and support for the Syrian people who have refused to resort to violence. We commend their choice of conducting their uprising through peaceful means, despite the suppression and provocations they face by the military forces.


(2)   The APGN affirms the legitimacy of the demands of the Syrian people towards the Syrian regime. The Syrian people have the right to choose their own representatives and to have a voice in determining their own destiny.


(3)   The APGN condemns all brutal and violent acts employed by the Syrian regime towards its own people.  We demand that the international community take all appropriate measures to halt these large scale brutal acts against unarmed people. 


(4)   The APGN condemns all illegitimate measures that the Syrian regime uses to impede the public uprisings, especially media blackouts of events in Syria. The APGN demands that the Syrian regime allow the public and the international community unimpeded access to independent media.  




Asia Pacific Greens Network, 3 October, 2011


10/03/2011 – 12:00


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