The 2nd Green European Summer University 2011

Dear Greens around the planet and those who are specially around Asia and Pacific,.

I was fortunate to engage with several young greens attending the first ever Green Summer University in the German border city of Frankfort Oder (1 hour from Berlin) in 2008 in assisting preparatory work of their applications and was really excited in the event. Now that second summer university has come i think it is a excellent opportunity for Young Greens and specially political activist from Asia Pacific region, Africa and Latin America to attend and do great networking. Last time GYG even had a workshop on Amazon in the summer university. This time too by talking to the organizes im optimistic that greens from all over the world could well explore the opportunities to organize a small side event.

So go ahead an give a shot,.. Try you best and try again. Get their and have lots of Green Fun…And you can always walk to Poland by crossing the bridge on Oder and tell evrey body that you walked their,..

Sanka Chandima Abayawardena, APGN CC member-web and communications

The 2nd Green European Summer University 2011How can we guarantee a sustainable society with the economy in a downturn? Will we support our neighbours’ fight for democracy, or will we watch from the sidelines? Will we be able to uphold our democracies when populists try and bend the law to their will? Will we vanquish the financial turmoil by harmonising our economic policies?

Failure to address these challenges risks pushing Europe to breaking point. This is why we decided to open the Summer University under this year’s motto “Europe – Make it or break it”. In order to forge solutions that hold Europe together, the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Partyinvite you to the Viadrina University in Frankfurt/Oder (D) and the CollegicumPolonicum in Słubice (PL) from September 8th-11th 2011.

All of you with a critical and creative mind are invited, young and old,experts, scientists and managers, artists and trade unionists, intellectuals andstudents, civil society representatives, Greens, Blues, Reds, Blacks, Pinks andfriends.

The second European Green Summer University will offer a forum to all those whowant an open and sustainable Europe, a Europe united in solidarity, a Europestrong for its citizens, and responsible to the world.

The Summer University is more than just a conference: we will have four plenarysessions, where big minds put their views on Europe’s future to discussion. Inaddition, we and our partners will organise workshops that involve you and yourskills, your contributions and convictions. In this big laboratory of ideas, wewant to cook up new answers, develop solutions, distil concepts. We want tocreate change, to produce progress, to fabricate the future. We will listen andwatch, read and talk about your views on how we can make Europe…and not breakit.

You can also expect a relaxed environment with fun and music, culture andcompany. We explicitly chose to host this event, not in one of the big Europeancapitals, but in a place where a common university and a highly symbolic bridgejoins Europe together on the border of Poland and Germany: Frankfurt/Oder andSłubice.See you at the Summer University!Your Project Team, Green Summer University online registration:

Dear friends,Below you can register for the Second Green European Summer University! It willtake place in Frankfurt/Oder and Slubice from 8-11 September 2011.Please notethat

  • We offer reduced fees for participants younger than 26 years.
  • One registration per person is required (except for children under 10 to be registered together with one of their parents)
  • Cancellation fee after 20 July will amount to 50% of the registration amount.
  • We will inform you by newsletter when there is something new for you: available accommodation, registration for activities, bike rental, child care facilities, and so on.
  • To get register go to

Draft ProgrammeThursday, 8/09/2011 “Soft launch”14.00 Start of registration at the Viadrina University15.00-19.00 Project visits, trainings, bicycle tour, possibly canoeing, etc.Evening Visit and dinner at an organic farm in the regionFriday, 9/09/2011

09.30-11.00 Workshop slot 1 (7-8 WS in parallel)

  • Future of the CAP Reform
  • Digital Divide – Access to the Internet as a Human Right? esp. trainings

11.00-15.00 Project visits and guided tours, sport activities in Frankfurt/O15.00-16.30 Book reading / cultural event 1


17.00-17.30 Welcome byDaniel Cohn-Bendit, Rebecca Harms (Co-Presidents of the Greens/EFA), MonicaFrassoni (EGP) and Günter Pleuger, President of the Viadrina University

Key note speech: N.N. in Frankfurt/O

17.30-19.30 Opening plenary”Europe seen from abroad” in Frankfurt/O

Chair: Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Co-President of the Greens/EFA

20.00: Reception and buffet dinner in the Concert Hall of Frankfurt/Oder ConcertHall

Saturday, 10/9/2011

09.30-11.00Plenary session 2″The rise of right-wing populism: A challenge for democracy” in Frankfurt/OChair: Heidi Hautala MEP

11.15-13.00 Workshop slot 2 (7-8 WS in parallel)

  • Europe – Think Social!
  • Labour migration from Middle and Eastern Europe in FFO + Słubice

13.00 Lunch break14.00-15.00 Book reading / cultural event 2

  • Corruption in Sport and Politics

15.00-16.45 Workshop slot 3 (7-8 WS in parallel)

  • The relations of the West with the Arab World ten years after 9/11
  • Gender Bender in FFO + Słubice


Plenary session 3″From Scarcity to Prosperity – New Energies for a Greener Economy” in SłubiceChair: Bas Eickhout MEPConclusions by Claude Turmes MEP

18.45-20.00 Book reading/cultural event/ cinema 3

  • Essay contest award: “Women and Climate Change”

20.00-22.00 Dinner

22.00 Party with live music University HallSunday, 11/09/2011 (10th Commemoration day of terrorist attack on 9/11)09.30-10.30 Breakfast discussion with writers (open air)”Europe – a place of yearning”


Plenary session 4Working title: “Quo vadis Europa?” – From economic governance to politicalintegration in Frankfurt/O

Chair: Phillipe Lamberts MEP13.00 Closure of the event by Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA in Frankfurt

04/02/2011 – 12:00


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