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Tele Agro Clinic launched by Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens)

Farmers from nearly every corner of the country often complain that they are deprived of service to see the Junior Technical Assistant (JTA) or District Agricultural Officers in their villages to talk and discuss on agriculture and solve the farmers’ problems. If the farmers face any problems on their farming then they have no one to hear and respond.

Keeping this fact into consideration, Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens) has launched “Tele Agro Clinic.” This initiative has been named as Tele Agro Clinic because the farmers can call the agro experts through telephone and experts will try to solve the problems.

The Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens) has maintained a number 9818-888050. The farmers can call at this number and agro experts will answer the agro questions and try to solve the problems of the farmers.

Initially, the service will be available just for two days a week on Thursday and Friday. The farmers can send their problems and questions through SMS. Later, the service will be available for seven days a week. The Tele Agro Clinic is going to be conducted with the technical support of Central Vegetable Seed production Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. An agro expert and Agro Policy Adviser of Green Civil Society, Dr. Bharat Paudel will take a call from farmers and will try to address the farmers’ problems.

The “Tele Agro Clinic” will be handled by the Department of Agriculture under Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens).


Ms. Sheelu Adhikary, Media and Communication Coordinator, Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens),

04/19/2012 – 12:00


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