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Strengthening Asia Pacific Greens’ Women in Politics

By Saima Gul

The APGF has formed a Women’s Network. Following their congress in 2015 we have invited members from our APGF Parties and those emerging parties from within our region.


Advancing women in leadership encourage gender balanced representation and decision making. We aspire to encourage women, and to accelerate the pace of change needed to see more women in positions of political leadership our region.

Goals of APGF Women’s Network:

Our goal is to encourage women’s political empowerment which refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal-rights for women, and to encourage them as confident enough to claim those rights.

The APGF Women’s Network is a network and a social catalyst for balanced leadership. The intension is to support individuals and institutions with their strategies to build gender balanced leadership within their organizations. Current members of APGF Women’s Network include representatives from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Philippines, Japan, Solomon Islands Taiwan and Mongolia. We have a facebook page where more than two hundred people have accessed and liked the page and shared their suggestions and feedback.  If you have not already joined our facebook following, please feel free to, and add your voice to the growing network.

APGF Women’s Network hosts a monthly meeting via Skype, discuss both what is happening internally and within our respective countries as well as means to strengthen women’s rights regionally.

Benefits of APGWN Membership: 

  • Connect with members around the region
  • Develop professionally through learning, leadership and mentoring, events and face to face meetings.
  • Access to social networking
  • Contribute in different events and meetings

Currently looking for mentors and mentees:

The APGF Women’s Network is currently looking for Mentors and Mentees from within the region. If you are willing to be a buddy to someone within our region, and help encourage them along their political journey – or perhaps you are looking for mentorship support yourself, please get in touch.

08/19/2016 – 18:37


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