Sixth Months since the Outbreak of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

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An appeal from Japan to the people around the globe for September 11 Action – Sixth Months since the Outbreak of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

This coming September 11th, we are marking the sixth month since the outbreak of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

Still now radiation is being belched from the destroyed reactors into the air, land, and marine environment, damaging human beings, animals and nature.

Particularly serious is the radioactive exposure of children and the nuclear plant workers working at the crippled nuclear facilities in Fukushima.

As many nuclear plants are now suspended for regular inspection and repairs with the remaining others scheduled to dutifully follow suit for the same purposes by May of 2012, we will see operation of all the nuclear power plants in Japan halted if we succeed in preventing resumption of operation of the now suspended reactors.

We therefore call on you, people all over Japan and friends overseas, to take simultaneous action on the coming September 11, to prevent the resumption of operation of the currently suspended nuclear plants. We want to make it a day of solidarity with the struggling people in the affected areas.

Come together on September 11th! We would be better off with no nukes!

The reactors now out of service should not come back to life. Let’s march forward to a world without nuclear power!


Now we know a shortcut to no nuclear power situation: if we prevent the suspended nuclear facilities from resuming operation, operation of all the nuclear power plants will be halted. Following up the De-nuclear Action of One million on June 11, we now call for simultaneous action against resumption of suspended nuclear reactors’ operation, on September 11, marking the sixth month of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

Now that the shameful use of confederates to fabricate pro-nuke public opinion by the Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) has been exposed by media, this agency is totally discredited as a body to pass judgment about the safety of nuclear power plants. So is the Nuclear Safety Commission. They have no authority to give a go-sign to the suspended plants’ resumption of operation.

The working committee preparing the September 11 action is composed of organizations that carried out June 11th “Action of One Million” in Tokyo, including, among others, the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emergent Conference, E-Shift (the Association for De-nuclearized New Energy Policies),and organizers of the Energy Shift Parade in Shiba Park.

On September 11, we will stage protest action at the sites of nuclear facilities all over the country, and urge people to come to these sites to join. We also urge people in different localities, including major cities, to organize action where they are.

We also link our action with the September 18-19 campaign prepared by the “Good bye, nukes! Action of Ten Million.” We ask friends all over the world to organize local action in solidarity with our September no nuke campaign.

Action taken under this campaign may vary in form and size – demonstration, street parade, lobbying, teach-in, film show, leafleting, what not. Action as part of this campaign will desirably be held on September 11, but of course, can well take place sometime before or after it as related to it.

For further information, visit our website ‘September11 -19 Anti-Nuclear Energy Action Week. We appreciate registration of your action plan at the site! (only Japanese, Sorry! )

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