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Reduce urban air pollution 3 to 5 times a year

A brief description of the project

This project is intended to help the public, government and political forces reach a common understanding of the legal, financial, and infrastructural issues that need adressing;


  1. Home fire heating resulting in imprisonments in Ulaanbaatar,
  2. Technology transfer through a project financed by the German Government through a “Reconstruction Bank” leading to the most prominent long term soft loan,
  3. Untimely budget repayments pressures,

Today, almost 200 thousand households in the capital are using fire burning to solve their heating problem.  In the cold season ger 200 small boilers smoke together, which comprise 80% of the Ulaanbaatar’s total air pollution. These household electricity and heating in buildings to address urban air pollution is known to decrease by 5 times. Provide sufficient power source from the government is going to solve this particular problem in the near future, and it is clear that it is further exacerbated by air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. Therefore, Ulaanbaatar is the only capital in their social activities, ideas and consciousness, inspiring courage and eliminate pollution and to eliminate this plague of new techniques and technology, and financial and economic mechanisms that do this, so to save the future generation, “not only our mood courage to know that. “

For this purpose, create new sources of electricity solar panels energy produced acid “absorb” maintain a permanent, fixed, and can create a reliable source of energy. Ger 200 thousand families and looked out into the sun to 50 thousand households owned 0.07 acres kvtyn 30 solar panels on the city to produce 1,500 MW of power at the same time labeled “cell” method of hydrogen (H2), gained power as a network Pressure on stage or during cold internal combustion generator power back up energy grid supply. It’s a life and implemented this approach in the German capital city and other urban air pollution can be fully addressed.

Initial estimates are available in the $ 943 million project financing and loans to residents and international greenhouse gas fund for the electricity commission should not be any pressure on the state budget in 15 years, was able to fully repay. Germany, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and the funding of the project “Reconstruction Bank” put -ind adjudication and German banks provide a 10 to 20-year loan rate by 0.2 percent in exceptional cases will be proposing to build. In this case, the Mongolian Government committed infrastructure and human resource sectors have to work together.

One advantage of the project is 50 thousand regular source of income citizens and to deal with social issues and the family ger personal loans available to banks and financial institutions into economic use of land owned by 10 times in terms of the rise and expansion of the social activity for the development of the country can contribute. 


Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution has become a direct threat to the life of people leading global disaster capital, our Constitution as “a healthy and safe environment,” Real have a united position in order to protect their rights, the government, and the city administration, “cornered” into air pollution 3 5 times a year to reduce the real life calls, demanding immediate implementation.

Ger 0.07 per household towards the beach saw 50 thousand hectares of land ownership of the solar panels placed on 300 days a year at a time of at least 30 kW and 50,000 families obtain estimates 1500000 kilowatt / hour, or 1,500 MW / hour of electricity high khüchidliin energy supply networks and “smart grid” technology that excess energy by electrolysis, hydrogen (H2) as a backup and when mixed with bio-gas generator to supply power back to the network producing internal combustion, and the district heating network, heat cooling generator water supply. 

The high-voltage network load decrease (summer season, and during the night), the excess energy when the network load electrolytic hydrogen (H2) obtained from energy storage and increased network load (cold season, and day and evening) hydrogen internal combustion generator to produce electricity or running voltage shows an overview of supply chain operations. At this point, for a total loss of 60 to 70 solar panels at the same time throughout the city and 1,500 MW of energy generated back to approximately 500 MW of energy and free solar energy is supplied to the network is to be overcome, despite the risk. 

Address: Mongolian Green party, Chinggis Avenue 14, Elite Office 205, Tel: 99114854, 99146533, 99086975 

Repairing habitat, clean air to breathe!

Reduce air pollution 3 to 5 times a year!



09/08/2014 – 13:32


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