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Recent results for Greens around the world


  on 9 June the Green Party, GroenLinks received 6.6% of the vote and now have 10 seats in the national parliament, up from 7 in the last election in 2006. GroenLinks is now part of talks with 3 other parties regarding the formation of a coalition Government. However the largest of this group are the Liberals who are also considering going into coalition with the far-right Party of Freedom. Coalition talks continue


 Colombian Green Party Presidential Candidate, Antanas Mockus won 21% of the vote in the first round of elections held on 30 May. The next round is on this Sunday, but polls suggest that Mockus will not win. His campaign has featured strong use of Facebook and downloadable music donated by musicians. Reuters story on Mockus and musicians


– On 7 May Caroline Lucas became the first Green MP in Westminster, winning the seat of Brighton Pavilion 1,300 votes ahead of her Labour Party rival. Just a few days ago Caroline was awarded the Observer newspaper’s Ethical Politician Award Award feature


 the Greens recently doubled their vote at a regional election in Germany’s most populous state. The result meant that Angela Merkel’s Party lost its control of the German upper house. The Greens vote rose from 6.2% in the 2005 election to 12.1% and they will now have 23 seats in the regional Parliament. New York Times story


– in April the new Lehet Mas A Politika (Politics Can Be Different) entered parliament with 16 seats and 7.43% of the vote. It was the first campaign that the party, formed in 2009, had ever run!  On 14 May they invited supporters to join them on a walk to their first Parliamentary session. Walk story, Hungarian Greens website


 – the campaign continues in Brazil in the lead up to the October Presidential election. Green Party candidate Marina Silva is running third in the polls with 12% of the vote. Update on Marina Silva’s campaign in Reuters


– fresh from its success in running the Asia Pacific Greens meeting, the Taiwan Green party is preparing for local government elections later this year and a recent opinion poll has found the party’s support rate now exceeds 2 percent. Feature on candidate Pan Han-sheng

06/17/2010 – 17:02


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