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People’s Climate March

The Global Greens Climate Campaign & the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation supports the Peoples Climate March.  Learn all about it & get involved here:


On September 21st, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march on the streets of New York City, demanding action from government leaders to seriously address climate change. Under the unifying message “To change everything we need everyone”, the People’s Climate March will kick off a critical 15-month period of global efforts pushing governments to craft a global agreement that can combat climate change. The People’s Climate March – along with the parallel marches, actions and events taking place in cities all around the world on the same day – is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to demand that the future of this planet be safe from the ravages of climate change and include an economy that works for people and the planet with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. It takes place only a few days ahead of Ban Ki-moon’s first Climate Leaders Summit, where government leaders from around the world are expected to re-engage in the fight against dangerous climate impacts and signal their support for the strong global climate agreement that is due at UN talks in Paris in 2015.



  • To change everything, we need everyone. Climate change will affect everyone, and to solve the crisis everyone’s voice must be heard. The People’s Climate March is a historic occasion to call for action, and 750 organizations have already committed to showing up for the march in New York alone. These groups represent labor, social justice and environmental justice groups, climate campaigns, immigrant rights groups, and more. They will march in solidarity with others taking to the streets in cities all around the world on the same day.
  • Climate action can’t wait—now is the time to change course and build a safe future. All around the world, temperatures are rising, storms are becoming more severe, coastlines are eroding, and droughts are disrupting agriculture and leaving the world’s poorest people hungry. With the impacts of climate change being felt around the world, with the solutions on the table and with growing momentum behind internationally-coordinated action to fix the crisis, the moment has come to put this issue back on top of the political agenda.
  • The People’s Climate March is just two days before UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Leaders  Summit. Government leaders talking climate change is good news, and it’s about time: most of them stopped paying attention 5 years ago, passing the buck to bureaucrats without the necessary political power to deal with the challenge properly. A lot has changed since then. Now a revolution is underway around the world, as shown by the leaders of communities, companies, and countries that have begun transitioning away from fossil fuels that drive climate change towards community-based renewable power.
  • The task for government leaders gathering in New York is simple: they’ll have to promise the timely delivery of a global action plan by 2015 – a shared and agreed strategy for rapidly growing the scope and scale of the ongoing transition, so that a safe climate with all its benefits for people and planet is possible. They also need to show the political will to ramp up actions at home and cooperatively with others. Their choice is between ignoring the biggest risk we face, or leading the orderly transformation of our societies. Do they want to be on the right or on the wrong side of history?
  • The People’s Climate March and the UN Climate Summit kick off a period of pivotal international negotiations. Next year, there will be two crucial milestones on the journey to create the fairer, cleaner, and safer world called for by the citizens to which these leaders are held accountable. In September 2015, world leaders will convene in New York to agree the definitive to-do list for ending poverty worldwide – an impossible task without addressing climate change, a threat to so many of life’s basics: water, food, shelter, and safety. A global action plan on climate change is then due in Paris three months later.
  • Climate change is an issue of justice. Low-income people and communities of color are often the hardest hit by pollution and climate change. At home, they are on the frontlines of the problem, but at the People’s Climate March they will be on the frontlines of a solution. For them and the most of the rest of our societies climate action has become a no-brainer: the science is unequivocal, the technology is available, and as a result public pressure is growing. People want clean air, better health, secure jobs, and an end to poverty. From local fights to global polls, the majority of people support bold action.
  • Those that oppose action are largely in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry, who are desperate to stop further erosion of their social license to operate. That’s because ultimately to succeed in creating a fairer, cleaner and safer world, we’ll need to phase out fossil fuel emissions entirely and phase in 100% renewable power. That’s why more and more people are fighting new fossil fuel projects while implementing clean, community-based energy solutions. They are also shifting their investments from dirty energy to renewable power, which is getting more attractive and cost effective by the day.





  • Start time – 11:30 AM
  • Assembly Location: in the area north of Columbus Circle
  • Leave Columbus Circle and go east on 59th Street
  • Lurn onto 6th Ave. and go south to 42nd Street
  • Turn right onto 42nd Street and go west to 11th Ave
  • Turn left on 11th Ave. and go south to 34th Street
  • End Location: on 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38th Street

Everyone. Everywhere (



(Favianna Rodriguez)

We need everyone
(Cesar Maxit)



  • “This isn’t just about getting a bunch of people to New York to march for an hour then go home. This is about making sure that the tipping point in the fight to halt climate disruption tips in the favor of the average citizen and clean energy prosperity, and that the world’s leaders see that the support to do so has reached a level that can no longer be ignored.” – Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club
  • “On September 21st, thousands of people from across the world, from all walks of life, will stand as one calling for global climate action. This event will show the world’s most powerful leaders that people are united in their support of this cause and want to see ambitious climate action today.  It is time for world leaders to rise to the challenge.” – Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • “Students on hundreds of campuses, and thousands of youth vote leaders across the country are bringing their power and voices to the People’s Climate March to say enough is enough, we will divest from fossil fuels and build a new clean and just economy, and President Obama and world leaders better be prepared to join us, or face the political consequences.” – Maura Cowley, director of Energy Action Coalition
  • “It is our moral obligation to care for God’s creation. Franciscans believe this and follow it as part of the Tradition of St. Francis, however, every faith tradition has a statement such as this within its doctrine. We need to remind our politicians of their faith and demand action based on it, rather than on the demands of other political groups.” – Patrick Carolan, Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network
  • “Climate change affects everyone, but will not impact everyone equally. The NYC Environmental Justice Alliance is proud to join the hundreds of organizations in the historic People’s Climate March to advance climate justice. It’s not every day you can help secure humanity’s future just by showing up – this will be one of those days. Join us!” – Eddie Bautista, Executive Director of the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility issued the following statement: “Few threats to human health are as significant in scope as the crisis caused by climate change. As members of the medical and public health communities, we have an obligation to speak out on the health threats we are facing from deadly heat waves, air pollution, increased diseases and a myriad of other climate related health impacts. If we are to continue living on a healthy planet, we must move quickly to clean, renewable energy sources that are not derived from fossil fuels. This is why we are marching” – Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • “With so much at stake and a historical opportunity a month away, this is the time to gather family, friends and neighbors and let them know that what’s at stake is our livability, now is the time build momentum and roll in deep with our loved ones into the Peoples Climate March!” – Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of Upros
  • “Politicians have come together too many times with nothing more than rhetoric and empty promises in tow. Next month, thousands of true leaders will be marching on the streets of New York demanding real action. The question is, will our elected leaders follow.” – David Turnbull, Campaigns Director, Oil Change International
  • “There’s a vast latent constituency of people out there who are alarmed about climate change. But for years, nobody has put up a banner that said ‘this is the time, this is the place, to show you care.’ The People’s Climate March is that banner, and we’re seeing a phenomenal response to it.” – RIcken Patel, Executive Director of the 38-million member civic organization, Avaaz
  • “For decades we’ve listened to government leaders at the UN voice their concerns about climate change. Next month, they’ll hear from tens of thousands of Americans demanding they finally turn that talk into action.” – Keya Chatterjee, World Wildlife Fund
  • “Climate change is the crisis of our times. For too long now, political posturing, greed and complacency in ‘business as usual’ has taken precedent over justice, equality, action and ambition. But change is not something which you wait for, its something that you make happen. WEDO is headed to the People’s Climate March in a spirit of common purpose with fellow women’s rights leaders, feminists and activists to demand climate justice and ignite a movement for change.” – Bridget Burns, Advocacy and Communications Director, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
  • “Labor unions, community organizations–environmental justice, economic justice and faith groups–environmental and climate organizations have been working together more and more over the past several years. The breadth and depth of who’s working together to organize the People’s Climate March is a testament to that.” – Tomas Garduno, Political Director of ALIGN: Alliance for a Greater New York
  • “The energy buzzing around the march organizing headquarters here in New York is palpable. Every day, volunteers are hitting the phones, streets, and internet to turn people out. The march is still a month away, but this effort has already helped build the type of movement infrastructure we need to take the climate fight to the next level.” May Boeve, Executive Director of
  • “It is clear that we cannot create the hard-hitting international policy that we so desperately need to combat climate change with the dirty-energy industry at the table. In one month, a global mobilization will descend upon New York City to demand concrete action by our leaders and an end to the corporate co-optation of meetings like the Ban Ki-moon Summit.” Patti Lynn, Managing Director, Corporate Accountability International
  • “Young people are coming to the streets of New York in huge numbers to stand up and say we’ve had enough — we’re not going to sit back and wait for politicians to save our future. Instead, we’re on the frontlines fighting extractive industries and proposing just policies to confront climate change and its impacts on the most vulnerable. The People’s Climate March will show that a better future is not only possible, but underway.” Adam Hasz, Chair of SustainUS
  • “It’s time we recognize that the driving force behind climate chaos is the globalizing economy, not our innate failings as human beings. The People’s Climate March represents an opportunity to look beyond individual consumer choices and come together to push for real policy change.” Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder and Director, Local Futures



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