Pelenise Alofa Pilitati: A strong voice for Kiribati

Pelenise Alofa Pilitati is from Kiribati, where she lives on the frontline of climate change. Everyday her yard fills up with salt water from the high tide.

“As you can see from this Youtube clip, hearing Pelenise talk brings home the stark reality of the ways that climate change is already affecting Kiribati.

She described how in the southern islands of Kiribati many locals can only offer her brackish water when she goes to visit them, because that is all they have. She talked about the need for desalination plants, and for Kiribati to build more effective sea walls to protect their land from spring tides.”

“In Auckland, Pacific Islanders wade out into the sea and hang up 350 T-shirts on a giant washing line, signifying that the Pacific Islands are being hung out to dry. Each shirt has the name of a different island printed on it. The event is part of the 350 International Day of Climate Action, a global call to bring greenhouse gas pollution back down to a level that is safe for survival”

03/15/2010 – 22:41


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