Partido Kalikasan (Phil Green Party) ACTION NO NUCLEAR Events

Dear Fellow Greens,

Partido Kalikasan (Philippine Green Party) supported the 6.11 ACTION NO NUKE campaign initiated by Japanese Greens and supported by the Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN). Below are the links to videos and photos of initial reports we have receive from various PK groups and supporters of events conducted between June 10-11 in support for this campaign.

View/ Download event videos here:

View/ Download event photos here:[email protected]/sets/72157626822602491/[email protected]/sets/72157626947759000/[email protected]/sets/72157626927308986/

We will post our statement soon.


Roy Cabonegro


Partido Kalikasan

(Philippine Green Party)

06/12/2011 – 12:00


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