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NZ must not give in to US over TPP

The New Zealand Government must not give in to United States corporates pushing their own vested interests in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Green Party Co-leader Dr Norman said today.

Secret details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) have been leaked showing New Zealand in serious dispute with US negotiators on many issues.  A large section reveals the battle between the US pharmaceutical lobby and countries such as New Zealand that want to continue to buy cheaper generic medicines.

“What this leak reveals is that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is nothing more than a Bill of Rights for corporate interests,” Dr Norman said today.

“The TPP has been sold to the public as being about boosting New Zealand exports and trade.

“The reality of this deal is that New Zealanders will end up paying higher health care costs if United States corporate interests get their way.

“The intellectual property sections of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will also lead to all New Zealanders paying more for movies, DVDs and books.

“Worse still, the intellectual property rules will assist Hollywood while stifling our burgeoning IT industry.

“It is only thanks to Wikileaks that the public is now getting the information about just how costly this deal could be for New Zealand,” said Dr Norman.

“Those behind these negotiations know full well that the public wouldn’t support the TPP if they were given all the facts.”

11/14/2013 – 13:12


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