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Nuclear Energy is Not The Way<

PARTIDO KALIKASAN would like to convey our deepest condolences and sympathy to all the victims of the recent natural disaster in Japan. The meltdown of Fukushima nuclear power plant north of Tokyo on the other hand is far from completely being a natural disaster. This is bad human judgment to opt for nuclear energy despite all its inherent dangers. The current disaster has raised serious threat not only to Japanese citizens but also to humanity.

We stand firm on our rejection of nuclear energy development option in the Philippines and the rest of the world. We continue to oppose the proposal to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) in the Philippines by misguided politicians and nuclear proponents who distort scientific facts and advance their selfish agenda.

We affirm our position that our best way to energy development is through renewable sources and that nuclear energy program is too dangerous to be justifiable!

We can no longer ignore the reality! Japan being one of the richest and technologically advance countries is now rattling to address this tragedy.

The question why the Philippines should not follow countries with nuclear energy has now been answered by this recent nuclear meltdown. The environment is sending us a strong message that Nuclear Energy is not safe and our scientific background and expertise can never surpasses the ability of nature to balance itself.

Finally, we appreciate the current initiative of the Philippine Government through the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute and in lined with their Radiological Emergency and Response Plan to distribute potassium iodine tablets.

However, we call them to be honest and transparent by providing the public real science and facts on the threat of nuclear energy and not be swayed by individuals and groups who have selfish and not national interest in mind!

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Rior Santos (Mr.)
International Spokesperson
Jules Penales (Mr.)
National Spokesperson

03/15/2011 – 00:00


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