New Zealand Greens’ Climate Protection Plan

The Green Party has a win-win plan to protect our climate, achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and leave Kiwi families better off.

Under our Climate Protection Plan, the Green Party will:

  • Establish an independent Climate Commission to provide expert and independent advice to the government on carbon prices, carbon budgets, and complementary measures to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

  • Phase out the failed Emissions Trading Scheme and instead put a meaningful price on carbon through a charge on polluters

  • Recycle all revenues raised from a carbon charge back to families through a $2,000 income tax-free band a 1 percent company tax cut. Households will be on average $319 better off every year with the Climate Tax Cut

  • Introduce a suite of complementary measures to reduce New Zealand’s emissions and make the transition to a low carbon economy

The Green Party will future-proof our economy and put New Zealand firmly back in the global green race while leaving households better off.

We’ll ensure New Zealand shows leadership on climate change – the biggest issue of our time – and we’ll deliver prosperity on the way.

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Read more here
BERL report – estimating the impact of replacing
the ETS with an Emissions Levy

06/03/2014 – 20:50


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