Nepali Greens urges Global Greens to stand against inhuman blockade in Nepal

Following the promulgation of the constitution in Nepal, India imposed a border blockade against Nepal. The blockade has crossed more than a month but the Indian government has so far refused to acknowledge it. It, instead, has been blaming the ongoing demonstrations in the Tarai for its failure to clear customs for fuel and other imports.

The unofficial border blockade by India has hit the business sector hard. Many industries across the county are on the verge of closure while there is an acute shortage of essentials and petroleum products in the market.  The fuel shortages as a result of the blockade is also having an impact on tourism, causing further damage to the economy of the country and the livelihoods of many. The United States has advised its citizens to reconsider their travel plans to Nepal due to the ongoing protest in Tarai region and shortage of fuel and other essentials due to “blockages at the border with India. The blockade has been inhumane action as Nepali people are being deprived of their right to live due to shortage of medicines. Most of the pharmacies inside the hospitals and outside has an acute scarcity of life-saving drugs. These mostly consist of medicines needed in Intensive Care Units including medicines required for anaesthesia. Furthermore, the shortage of medicines has posed a risk to the lives of the people who are sick. Additionally, Nepal will more likely to face environmental crisis and destruction in the coming days. People have started using more firewood for cooking as an alternative to fuel. Nepal’s community forests could be under threat from a rise in demand for firewood because of a fuel crisis.  People will have no choice but to cut down trees and forest because people will need fuel to cook food and survive.

The effects of this blockade is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. It is deeply saddening India has imposed a blockade on Nepal even as the country is still recovering from the shock of the devastating April earthquake.

The Nepali Greens would like to call upon the Global Greens and its federations to speak up against the inhuman blockade and take initiatives to resolve the issue through global green diplomacy.

12/08/2015 – 08:28


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