Nepali Greens’ Agriculture Assembly

Nepali Greens has organized Agriculture Assembly, coinciding with the first day of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly. On January 22, Nepali Greens held the first meeting of the agriculture assembly with the participation of farmers of Pida VDC, Dhading District. 

In the assembly, Nepali Greens held discussions on agricultural policies and programs, Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS), Farmers’ problems and information sharing on commercial farming and agro cooperative development and collected farmers’ concerns.

The Farmers put forth their opinion on current agricultural policies and offered suggestions for policy reform. They said that the governmental policies are not farmer friendly. The local and national governmental agencies are not providing services to the farmers. They are facing problems related to high quality seeds, capital, irrigation, fertilizers, transportation and access to market.

The Coordinator of Agriculture Assembly Secretariat, Mr. Ballav Timalsina, moderated the assembly and provided training on agricultural cooperative development to the farmers. The farmers have started the process of forming the cooperative in the village. APYGN Coordinator, provided information to the farmers and young people about the recent governmental policies and programs. VDC Agriculture Assembly Coordinator Mr. Jay Ram Bhandary said that he wants to develop his village through commercial agriculture and make the village as a model village in the whole district. Under his coordination, 5 member VDC Agriculture Assembly Committee was formed to carry out future activities in the village.

The farmers from 74 households were present in the assembly. Mr. Ram Bahadur Subedi, a local educationist was chosen to be the Agriculture Assembly Speaker.

Nepali Greens will organize agriculture assembly in different parts of the country. Nepali Greens will hand over the farmers’ concerns collected from the agriculture assembly to the members of constituent assembly and work for ensuring farmers’ rights, development and security.


Jay Greens!

01/24/2014 – 00:00


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