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Mongolian Green Movement Statement: “We are very proud of Dr. Norman”

Dear Greens Dear Dr. Norman from NZ Greens, Dear Senator Bob Brown, Dear APGN-Greens!

We, the Mongolian Green movement, are very shocked by seeing of all this pictures!

We are 100% agree with Senator Brown and want to express our opinion the same way: “Wellington is not Lhasa!”.

I got a very similar feeling here in Mongolia because of China’s state policy, especially because of the Mining industry.  Now we, Mongolians, can’t feel really as a independent state. All the corruptions, secret trading network of toxic chemicals…

I would not wonder about this Reaction of Chinese Bodyguards in Mongolia. Very well known picture.

We are very proud of Dr. Norman, Senator Brown and of all who can not accept this political unacceptable Step of China! I hope China’s government will say “Sorry!” to Dr. Norman and to Democracy all over the World!


Dr. Saruul Agvaandorjiin

Mongolian Green Movement


06/20/2010 – 11:40


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