Meet Anita, APGF’s new Gender Equity Project Coordinator!

APGF is very excited to announce the appointment of Anita Nautiyal as our new Gender Equity Project Coordinator!

Anita will be working with APGF and its Women’s Network overseeing gender equity and women’s empowerment projects generously funded by the Australian Greens International Development Committee.

So who is Anita?

Hello friends,Anita Nautiyal

Green greetings!

I am Anita Nautiyal!

For you, I am just Anita!

I am one of the Vice-Presidents of the India Greens Party and one of the Co-founders of the party.

I have been doing the Gender Equity Project work for a while but now the APGF has appointed me as its Gender Equity Project Coordinator.

The appointment brings lots of passion, commitment, and zeal!

I will try my best to deliver my responsibilities well. I can feel the weight of my responsibilities as APGF has termed me as an excellent person for the role and one of the most perseverant activists in the APGF Women’s Network.

I am quite sure that my experience and skills is of great benefit to APGFWN and I will take gender equity to the level it demands. 

I am deeply committed to and passionate about the APGF, its work, and its people across the Asia-Pacific region.

Now as a Gender Equity Project Coordinator, I wish to contribute to building the APGFWN to be self-sufficient and representative of all parties involved through more voices.

As a Gender Equity Project Coordinator, my desire is to expand and build the Women’s Network more strongly.

I wish to take this opportunity to tell you that I have been one of the founding members of the APGF Women’s Network when planned to form in Wellington in 2015.

Later, I was Convenor and Mentor Convenor of the Network which enabled me to enhance my experience and skills.

Also, I have been Convenor of the Global Greens Women’s Network and represented APGFWN in GGWN.   

I also had the opportunity to be Deputy Convenor and then Convenor of the APGF. 

Lately, I was Deputy Treasurer of APGF.

This, undoubtedly, makes me one of the most persistent and consistent activists in the Women’s Network.

I am very keen and passionate to develop gender equity in the parties at the grassroots level through various projects. In fact, I have been managing the mentoring and webinar program smoothly and successfully for the last two years.

In the APGF Congress in Wellington, I contributed to the draft of the APGF constitution. This has given me a good understanding of how the APGF is structured and we continue to improve all the time on this as we grow.

Now as a Gender Equity Project Coordinator, I will be working mostly with the Women’s Network and its project team, managing IDC-funded projects and strengthening the network as a whole.

I will also be attending APGF Council meetings to provide brief updates on those projects.

Thanks for your time and understanding!

Welcome Anita, and we all look forward to benefiting from your skills and wisdom over the next 11 months!

08/13/2020 – 12:53


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