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Making room for women and girls – webinar with Nikki Berry

Building a strong green community – Making a room for every woman and girl

A webinar presented by the APGF Womens Network

Thursday April 25th, 2019  at 4:00 AM UTC

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This webinar will be facilitated by Nikki Berry and a group of volunteers from New Zealand. Nikki Berry is the convener of the Aoraki Province which covers the city of Christchurch (NZ) and surrounding countryside. She has held various organizing roles in the Greens over the last twenty years and is also a peer counselor. Nikki runs music groups for a living. Her website is

This will be a highly interactive session, and we will need people to register in advance so that they can be assigned to ‘break out groups’ for discussions.

This Webinar is an opportunity to connect with other Green Women in the Asia Pacific Network, and learn some basic skills for moving forward together. It is an opportunity to practice listening well to each other, identifying strengths, goals and potential barriers and challenges, and coming to group agreements about ways to proceed forward.

Please consider joining  and inviting allies to the ‘Women For Green Politics training using Facebook here

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network (APGFWN) is a gathering of all women who are guided by the founding GREEN principles. APGFWN was established on November 2015 and annually elects a Convener, Secretary, Treasurer (roles may be shared). Members come from across the Asia Pacific Region.

It brings together all the Women from Asia Pacific, who are working for the betterment of our Future Planet and who each face united and unique difficulties in their own countries and cultures. APGFWN was formed to encourage, develop, mentor and inspire each other.

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