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June APGFWN Webinar: Facilitating and organising meetings

June Webinar: Facilitating and organising meetings

Date and Time: Thursday, June 3, 2021: 6 am UTC

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The Greens are often the first to raise an issue of significance when it arises in a local community. Organising a public meeting creates an opportunity to get action around the issue and attract support and new membership.

Having organised a number of public meetings around council amalgamations; overdevelopment; and public transport changes in Canterbury, Linda Eisler has experience to discuss how it is done.

Born in 1955, Linda has been a member of The Greens Australia since 2002. She was recruited by the late John Kaye MLC, who is widely considered the greatest Green Australia has produced. She felt enormously honoured when he once joked that the best thing he had ever done for the Greens was to recruit her.

From 2001 Linda  began to hand out at elections for The Greens, then attending State Delegate Councils (SDC) and participating in local group meetings. Eventually, as the only person available, Linda reluctantly stood for Local Council in 2008, with the real possibility of being the first Green to be elected to the then Canterbury Council. That honour was repeated in 2012 and then with the amalgamation of Canterbury-Bankstown in 2017. She retired from Council in September, 2021 and now continues in roles like Mentoring for APGFWN and committee work for the NSW Greens.

Join the Mini course of APGFWN Webinar series on How to plan, organise and facilitate a public meeting with the aim to start a campaign and attract new members to The Greens.

05/25/2021 – 22:50


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