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Islands Belong To Sea Not People:Japan X Taiwan Discussion

A discussion among youth between the Green parties of Taiwan and Japan

Hasegawa Uigo, 中翻英: 張菀渝

7/26, a talk session event “Islands belong to sea not people” was held in Kyoto. This is a talk between the young’s of Green Party Taiwan and Green Party Japan.

With the participation of about 80 people, it was a great success event. The panelist of Taiwan and Japan introduced their activities and thoughts. They asked about things which they are interested in and wondering toward the other country. They accept to ask questions in the event, so there was able to hear about many interesting stories.


Q “The media of Japan are unanimous in lack of criticism spirit, how about the media of Taiwan?”

A “All most all of the medias in Taiwan is critical to the government, once there was a multinational companies that willing to buy up a media, was stopped by the severe protest of citizens and students.”


Q “We are very surprised that members who join this event from Taiwan, who also do much effort on the issue of sexual minorities such as homosexuality and gender identity disorder (LGBT). Japan is also working on LGBT, but rights of woman, which is the prerequisite for this issue and also accounts for half of the population is not guaranteed enough. How about in Taiwan?”

A “Even though men and women is not fully equally in Taiwan, for example in the bank, we have women occupied half of the director class, which is much better than Japan. Incidentally, we also had more female students in the “Sunflower movement” which occupied Legislative Yuan.”

Q “Are students participating in the movement in Japan?”

A “Unfortunately students participate in movement is still few. It was said to have bad images “demonstration = terror” about students movements in the past. However, we have students who already acts, and the member may increase in the future. ”

Q “Women of child-rearing generation like me, how do they participate in movements in Taiwan?”

A “NGOs play major roles in Taiwan, all of them are very specialized. For example, a specialized NGO called “Housewife Union” which focus on food safety, they have members of tens of thousands of people. They participate movements through this kind of organization.”

Q “People put labels on you as extremist or leftist when you participate in the demonstration in Japan, how about it in Taiwan?

A “No, we don’t take people who participates demonstrations as an extremist in Taiwan. ”


In addition, there were various interesting stories. The participants state their impressions of “It was very good to hear about the social activists and ideas of students in Taiwan.”, and also the participants from Taiwan were very happy to state their impressions as “It was a very good event, thank you!”

09/02/2014 – 13:57


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