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November 14, 2023

Greens Japan Steering Committee

Over the attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israel has unilaterally declared that “we have entered a new phase of war” and “this is a second war of independence” and has intensified its attacks, including a ground invasion. Now hospitals are not functioning anymore. Many civilians, including newborn babies and the wounded, have lost their lives, This is literally a humanitarian crisis.

While it is obvious that the indiscriminate Hamas terrorism that directly triggered this large-scale clash is unforgivable, it cannot be the basis for allowing Israel to commit large-scale war crimes. In addition, as mentioned in the APGF statement (*1), it is necessary to recognize that this conflict did not begin on October 7 of 2023, but in the context of a history that began with the expulsion of Palestinians following the establishment of the State of Israel and the settlement and occupation by Israel.

Prior to Israel’s massive ground invasion, the UN General Assembly’s emergency special session on October 28 adopted a resolution calling for a “humanitarian truce” by an overwhelming majority of 121 countries. However, the U.S. and other countries opposed the resolution, while the Japanese government and others abstained from voting on the resolution. It must say that they sent a message of de facto acceptance of Israel’s military invasion of Gaza. Part of the responsibility for allowing Israel to continue its barbaric occupation and settlement by force in violation of international law and repeated UN resolutions lies with the Western countries and Japan, which have continued to take a stance contrary to the voices of the international community, as in this case. We strongly condemn and strongly oppose their acts.

We strongly condemn Israel’s barbaric actions and call for an immediate halt to its military actions. We once again urge the Japanese government to urge all parties, including the government of Israel and its backer, the United States, to immediately halt this inhumane war.

And we will continue to act with the citizens of the world who are standing up for peace.

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