‘Historic night’ for Green Party

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the election night was historic for the Greens and for New Zealand.

For the first time, the party broke through the 10% threshold and has increased ing its number of MPs from nine to 13.

Dr Norman said the party went into the election hoping to get 10% of the party vote and exceeded expectations.

He said the Greens had cemented their place as the third party of New Zealand politics.

Dr Norman said it had taken a fair while to get to this point but had been a worthwhile struggle.

He said the Greens will use their mandate to push for good, green change and the result shows the values of the Greens are widely shared.

Listen to Russel Norman on election night

Original Article: http://radionewzealand.co.nz/news/election-2011/92185/%27historic-night%27-for-green-party

11/27/2011 – 13:00


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