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Greens meet Greens at COP 19

Dear all,

I am writing from Poland where I am at the COP 19. I have organised an informal “greens meet greens meeting” everyday, with good participations and interesting exchange of information. Following the request of Elizabeth May, I have also organised a press conference on Thursday at 14:30 – Central European time. Speakers will be Kennedy Graham, Elisabeth May and Bas Eickhout.
I plan to share the Global Greens statement on COP 19th with the occasion of the conference, perhaps with a light update concerning greens support to people affected by climate change. Here at the COP, several greens are fasting in support to Philippines, including Elisabeth May herself. I will share with you the update of the statement after the Green Family Breakfast tomorrow.
The press conference will be streamed on the COP 19th website, so any support to its visibility is welcome: 

Kind Regards
Alice Rosmi
Global Greens –

11/20/2013 – 11:45


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