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Greens Japan urge the shut down of all of the nuclear power plants

Catastrophic failure at Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plants, triggered by 11-Mar-2011 earthquake and tsunami, makes it very clear to the world that nuclear generation is terribly risky business to conduct in seismically active area such as Japan. It is also clear that all nuclear power generations in Japan must be phased out. We have to move, now.

Officials may say the quake was “beyond speculation” but it did hit. What we have to do to cope with such quakes is: stop all nuclear plants.

“We only have to cut peak demand by 20% and total electric energy by 30% to become nuclear-free”, says some estimation. “This level of electric energy compares that of the so-colled Bubble Economy era in the late 1980s.” It is not that unrealistic to stop all nuclear power plants.

We, Greens Japan, strongly request our government to declare immediately all nuclear power plants in Japan to be shutdown; to work out the roadmap for the phase out; to shutdown high-risk plants urgently while operating other plants for later shutdown to mitigate undue stresses to our society.

Those most high-risk plants, including the Kashiwazaki nuclear plant in Niigata where radioactive had been released due to the damage caused by 2007 earthquake, and Hamaoka plant in Shizuoka, have to be shutdown right now. Aged reactors and MOX-loaded reactors that contain highly toxic Plutonium as their fuel mix, among others, must retire ahead of any other reactors.

Greens Japan, therefore, urge Japanese Government to manifest immediately all nuclear power plants in Japan will be phased out; and to take action for shutting down all plants as soon as possible.


03/20/2011 – 00:00


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