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As Israeli troops enter Gaza by ground, the Australian Greens are calling on our government to exert its influence to help bring about a ceasefire.

“This is a shocking escalation of violence and it’s going to mean many more deaths of civilians, particularly Palestinians, in Gaza,” said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

“It is horrendous that the full military strength of a country like Israel would move against the Palestinians in Gaza, which is effectively one large, heavily populated refugee camp. It is appalling.

“I would urge the Israeli government not to proceed with this ground offensive, and I call on the Australian Government to lift efforts in global sphere, though the UN Security Council and in every way it can, to urge the ceasefire that must be brought.

“All sides must immediately halt hostilities and agree to a lasting ceasefire. The rockets, missiles and bombs must stop now.

“These kinds of hostilities can never resolve the conflict. All this bloody and futile conflict is going to mean is more deaths.”


07/18/2014 – 00:00


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