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Green Policy in Action

As Greens we have a vision to change the world! And now, many of our smaller and emerging parties in countries like India, Lebanon and Nepal have Green policies to match!

Here’s how.

Many of these parties lacked the capacity or resourcing to develop a comprehensive policy platform across the issues such as climate change, women and gender equality, democracy, environment and the rights of Indigenous and tribal peoples. 

So, thanks to the help of the Australian Greens International Development Committee, we were so pleased to develop 20 template policies. Policies that Green parties around the world can adopt and adapt to build a Greener future.  

These policy templates were developed through the research and expertise of our members and based on best-practice Green policies from around the globe.

So far, multiple Green parties including India and Lebanon have reviewed and adopted these templates as their own yet within their unique contexts. These policies will form the basis for their messaging and election campaigns. 

The Women and Gender Equity template policy, in combination with Asia Pacific Greens Federation’s Gender Equity Trainings, have created an especially effective tool for progressive change within both our parties and societies.

Each policy template contains:

  • Preamble: Why the topic is important for a just and ecologically sustainable world
  • Vision: The future we want to see!
  • Objectives: The core goals that the Greens want to achieve, guiding our policies and strategies
  • Action Plan: What we will do to get from where we are to the future we want

And, we are working hard to make sure our green policies reach as many people as possible. 

So far, we have translated seven of these policies into seven languages – Bahasa Indonesian, Bengali, Hindi, Mongolian, Nepali, PNG Tok Pisin, and Urdu. All 20 have been translated into Arabic. The Women and Gender Equity policy has also been translated into Japanese and two local Indian languages. 

Every translation means more people can engage with our vision and join us in building a better, greener, fairer world.

With your support, we can do even more. 

Each translation costs about $150, so every little donation counts. If you can provide a donation to help us translate more policies, please go to

If you are interested in broadening our reach and impact through additional policy translation or development, or are keen to assist in other ways, please reach out to Nick Cooper, the APGF General Secretary, at [email protected]

All 20 template policies, including translations, are freely available on our website at


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