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Green Party Korea’s response to COP18

Accelerating Climate Change, Backing COP18

1. Kyoto Protocol has been weakened

At COP18, Japan, Russia, Canada and NZ got our of line, which left Kyoto Protocol far more weak one so that it would take only 15% of Greenhouse Gas emission. While the harms of Climate Change are getting worse, our tool to prevent it is getting more weak.

2. Just promise without practice

No concrete agreement has been made for helping the countries of AOSIS. However, it is noticeable that support from developed countries which was previously only for adaptations and renewable energy became more progressed one including support for Climate Change-driven loss and damages of developing countries.

3. “Rogue states” of Doha – US, China, Russia and New Zealand

Selfishness of each country is the cause of the disappointing result of COP18. Not only so-called rogue states, EU also failed to raise its GG emission reducing goal due to Poland. In case of Republic of Korea, while it promised to reduce its GG emission to 30% by 2020, its emission level continues to climb presently.

4. Time to depend on each of “US”, not on UN

What COP18 lessons us is, any nation, even United Nations does not have the ecological wisdom to save the future of the Earth. We should start actions from where we stand on for ourselves. Grassroots Climate Justice movement and strong solidarity with Environment actions in other places of globe are the only way we could depend on.

02/10/2013 – 19:21


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