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Global Greens Statement on the Gaza Conflict

The Global Greens calls on the leadership in Israel and Hamas to end the vicious cycle of violence to each other and to themselves.  The 72-hour ceasefire agreed to by all parties to provide civilians in Gaza urgently needed humanitarian relief is a step in the right direction.  The Global Greens calls on all parties to sustain a cessation of violence as the necessary start to a lasting peace-building process free of pre-conditions.

The nearly four weeks of conflict have already killed more than 1,300 Palestinians, injured 6,000, and displaced up to 440,000 people in Gaza (nearly 24 per cent of the population); over 80 per cent of those killed are civilians and 251 are children.  In Israel the hostilities have resulted in the deaths of 3 civilians and 56 soldiers, with dozens injured. (1)

International law requires warring parties to distinguish between military and civilian targets and to enable unhindered humanitarian access.  The Global Greens support the U.N. Human Rights Council’s initiative to form an independent inquiry into allegations that war crimes have been committed in the course of the Gaza airstrikes.
In summary, the Global Greens calls for:
  1. a sustainable ceasefire,
  2. immediate and ample humanitarian aid delivery to all in need,
  3. the advancement of peace negotiations free of pre-conditions, and
  4. an investigation into violations of international law.


This must be done, for the sake of the victims of this violence from our past, present and future.


08/03/2014 – 16:02


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