Global Greens Secretariat established in Brussels, Europe

As part of the implementation of Global Greens Dakar 2012 Congress resolution on the Future of the Global Greens, the Global Greens have now established a full-time secretariat in Brussels. The secretariat is based at the EGP headquarters and will be located there until after the 4th Global Greens Congress to be held for the first time in Europe at the end of 2016.

Alice Rosmi, former organizer of the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, has been appointed as secretary. Alice speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish and is keen on improving the communications and visibility of the Global Greens. “I think the establishment of a full time secretariat, with the support of all the 4 federations, is already an achievement for strengthening the Global Greens as an organization. But more and important steps forward need to be made. I hope the secretariat will also be seen as an accessible hub helping to establish connections within Greens from different parts of the world.”

James Tonson, who has been part time secretary of the Global Greens since April 2010, has finished up in the role and handed over the responsibilities of the Secretariat.  “Working for the Global Greens has been a wonderful experience.  I’ve met so many passionate greens from around the world and learnt a lot about trying to implement green ideas in many different cultures and contexts.  My thanks to everyone I’ve worked with and all those who’ve supported the Global Greens to get to this point.  I wish the Global Greens and the new secretary all the best and look forward to hearing about the growing achievements of the Global Greens.”  James has taken up a new role as the Coordinator of the Understandascope, an independent center for environmental education in Melbourne, Australia.

03/26/2013 – 00:45


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